Contemporary Lynx is an arts organisation and print magazine launched in January 2013 by art historians Dobromiła Błaszczyk and Sylwia Krasoń. Contemporary Lynx was created to encourage an appreciation and understanding of Polish contemporary art by a wide audience. Our goal is to raise awareness of Polish artists’ contribution to the international art scene. In our art magazine and on the website we publish first-hand information about exciting and prestigious art events from around the world. Contemporary Lynx is a springboard for further activities happening beyond the Internet – curatorial projects, art exhibitions, international cultural exchange, research and cross-media art events.


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Contemporary Lynx Magazine in Print is an independent publication for art, design, collecting and photography in English, dedicated to Polish artists in a broader international context. With specially commissioned artwork, bespoke cover and a specific theme, it includes interviews with key figures in the art world and a range of insightful essays that debate current trends in visual culture. Published twice a year and distributed internationally, it has developed a strong reputation, along with broad online following. Each copy is stamped and signed. Published twice a year and distributed by Central Books and Empik Stores, is available in selected shops and galleries in the United Kingdom, Europe, US and Asia. The first issue was launched in April 2015, following two online issues published in 2014. The magazine has been presented at the press stands at the art fairs: Frieze London, Art Brussels, Artissima Art Fair in Turin, Liste Basel, Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach and Honk Kong, Artmarket Budapest. The magazine is published by Contemporary Lynx organisation.

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Contemporary Lynx / Magazine Online is at the centre of reporting on the latest ground-breaking work by inspiring artists. Every week, we publish a set of new articles, providing a unique perspective from the art world.

Our online magazine remains free and relies on our team of researchers lecturers, curators and art critics based in London, New York, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Kraków, Berlin, Lyon, Warsaw, Beijing, Hong Kong and many more.

Like the cat ‘Lynx’, our experts have a sharp eye for spotting talent and have their fingers on the pulse of the contemporary art scene around the world. Since 2013, Contemporary Lynx remains the ultimate independent foreigner’s guide to contemporary art and culture from Poland including:

  • INTERVIEWS with artists, designers and photographers;
  • REPORTS & REVIEW from exhibitions, festivals, art fairs;
  • DISCUSSIONS with curators and art directors;
  • BRIEFINGS on current trends, new technologies, experimental music;
  • WHAT’S ON a list of events & exhibitions;
  • ART QUOTE weekly dose of inspirational quotes;
  • PORTFOLIO selection of works by promising young talents;
  • TOP TIPS recommendations on new books, artists to watch and trends in the creative industry.


Contemporary Lynx is a springboard for further activities happening beyond the Internet:

Debates, art events and art fairs – our publishing activity is complimented by a rich programme of art events organised by our team or in collaboration with partners, happening in various locations throughout the year.

Zuzanna Janin, Platan Gallery


At our debates, we bring together thought-leaders and culture champions to discuss current issues in the fields of collecting art, new waves in photography, publishing indie magazines, culture sponsorship and the art market. We organised the debates in collaboration with the Polish Embassy in London, Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Fitzrovia Gallery in London, Polish Culture Institute in London, Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin, Warsaw Art Book Fair.

Zuzanna Janin, Platan Gallery


We also organise creative artistic events to celebrate the publication of new issues of the print magazines along with our readers and friends. We invite visual artists, designers, photographers and DJs. The events included: the magazine launch at Calvert 22 Foundation in London, the artistic performance of hand-painted magazine’s covers at the TRAFO in Szczecin, live drawing at the Salon Zimowy in Warsaw, set of art events during Hackney WickED Festival in London.

Zuzanna Janin, Platan Gallery


Contemporary Lynx team regularly participates in the most prestigious art fairs around the world. The print magazine has been presented at the press stands at the following fairs: Art Basel in Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach and Hong Kong, Frieze London, Art Brussels, Artissima Art Fair in Turin, LISTE Basel, and Artmarket Budapest.

Zuzanna Janin, Platan Gallery


Contemporary Lynx links with prestigious art and culture festivals, significant exhibitions and exceptional events worldwide. We were the media partner with many festivals i.e. Photomonth in Kraków, Photofestival in Łódź, Hackney WickED Festival, Łódź Design Festival, Land Art Festival and many more.


Lifelong learning is a necessity in today’s fast-paced world and job market. For that reason, the Contemporary Lynx editors – Sylwia Krasoń and Dobromiła Błaszczyk provide workshops to share their experience, knowledge and know-how from the publishing industry and inspire people to take on new challenges. Their workshops are highly interactive and actively engage participants by stimulating new ideas and approaches. At the ‘Storytelling for Creatives’ workshop, participants learn how to identify their audience, apply a universal framework to present a project in a clear and compelling way, and engage emotions in order to promote a project or a product. ‘How to Make a Magazine’ teaches how to create a title, build engaging content and layout, and promote and communicate the end product. The editors provide plenty of examples based on their international experience and share the best tips from the global slow publishing industry.

To learn more about the workshops and for booking, email us on
[email protected]


Lynx Concept Store – is a carefully curated online shop for limited edition art, prints, photography, as well as top quality craft, jewellery, ceramics, photobooks and catalogues. The shop offers the very best of handpicked Polish products “with soul”, each with a compelling story. The offer is focused on beautiful collectible items and publications about visual arts, design and photography. We also collaborate with independent designers and artists to create unique and specially commission items.



Why did we call ourselves Contemporary Lynx?

A lynx ( /ˈlɪŋks/;plural lynx or lynxes) is a medium-sized wildcat considered an elusive and mysterious creature with exceptional eyesight. The name “lynx” originated in Middle English via Latin, meaning “light, brightness”. At Contemporary Lynx, we draw on this archaic and lesser-known concept and channel it into the innovative and inquisitive mission of our organisation.

Contemporary Lynx means to be:

  • constantly on the lookout for new and emerging artists
  • to have a sharp eye for talent
  • to hunt for news on the Polish conceptual art scene with precision and keen eye for detail
  • to shed light on the best Polish contemporary art taking place abroad
  • to be the first to share information on this exciting and vibrant art scene


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