Contemporary Lynx is an arts organisation and print magazine launched in January 2013 by art historians Dobromiła Błaszczyk and Sylwia Krasoń. Contemporary Lynx was created to encourage an appreciation and understanding of Polish contemporary art by a wide audience. Our goal is to raise awareness of Polish artists’ contribution to the international art scene. In our art magazine and on the website we publish first-hand information about interesting and prestigious art events from around the world. Contemporary Lynx is a springboard for further activities happening beyond the Internet – curatorial projects, art exhibitions, international cultural exchange, research and cross-media art events.


Why did we call ourselves Contemporary Lynx? A lynx ( /ˈlɪŋks/;plural lynx or lynxes) is a medium-sized wildcat considered an elusive and mysterious creature with exceptional eyesight. The name “lynx” originated in Middle English via Latin, meaning “light, brightness”. At Contemporary Lynx, we draw on this archaic and lesser-known concept and channel it into the innovative and inquisitive mission of our organisation. Contemporary Lynx means to be:

  • constantly on the lookout for new and emerging artists
  • to have a sharp eye for talent
  • to hunt for news on the Polish conceptual art scene with precision and keen eye for detail
  • to shed light on the best Polish contemporary art taking place abroad
  • to be the first to share information on this exciting and vibrant art scene


The owner of this press card is a contributor to the art organisation Contemporary Lynx. We kindly request all museums, galleries, organisations, institutions public and private to the bearer every assistance in the performance of this profession. Uprzejmie prosimy wszelkie muzea, galerie, organizacje, instytucje zarówno państwowe jak i prywatne o udzielenie okazicielowi niniejszej legitymacji wszelkiej pomocy w wykonywanej przez niego pracy dziennikarskiej. Mit der Höflichkeit bitten wir jedes Museum, jede Galerie, Organisation, Einrichtung, sowohl staatlich als auch privat, um der Inhaberin/ dem Inhaber dieses Ausweises jede gebrauchene Hilfe zu leisten, bei der Erfüllung der journalistische Arbeit. Nous demandons à tous les musées, galeries, organisations et institutions publiques ou privées de bien vouloir utiliser cette carte d’accréditation, qui permet l’accès aux dossiers de presse et autres informations professionnelles, sans frais supplémentaire. Se ruega a todos los museos, galerías, organizaciones e instituciones tanto públicas como privadas prestar al poseedor de este documento la ayuda necesaria en el cumplimiento de sus obligaciones profesionales de periodista. 此卡持有者是名记者,我们诚恳地请求各个私立和公共的博物馆、美术 馆、社会团体及组织机构, 为此持卡人提供尽可能的帮助。