Gabriel Orłowski


LETO, Contemporary Lynx Magazine and Biała are launching a new experimental art programme ‘Carte Blanche’ in Warsaw. The idea is to give young promising artists an opportunity to exhibit their works during the special art events happening at the former avant-garde modernist villa — ‘The White Villa’ located in Saska Kępa district in Warsaw.


26.04.2018, 8 pm — Igor Kubik

23.08.2018, 8 pm — Ewa Doroszenko

-> 25.10.2018, 8 pm — Gabriel Orłowski

During the third edition of our project we have a great pleasure to present works created by Gabriel Orłowski from the series ‘Obstacles.’

Gabriel about his works:

‘Small crevice has surfaced on the border. Looks like another anomaly, another event that shouldn’t have happened. It’s problematic. The border posts are dormant, appearing impossible to cross. Scene – embedded in silence, with no comment off stage. The machine doesn’t speak. Space is limited to a single frame. In such narrowed perspective, something always seems out of place. There’s no way to get through and neither a way back. Momentum is off now. The balance of power is disturbed, latency and improbability become more obvious. An unexpected move – a strike on reality, a knife between the ribs. Oxygen heats and expands, the pressure drops. There will be no order and the final project will never be achieved. Here no object hulks above the others.’

Gabriel Orłowski Born 1989, lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. Photographer and new media artist. Graduate of the photography department at Leon Schiller’s Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School in Łódź with MFA in 2016.


Contemporary Lynx / Dobromiła Błaszczyk / +48 660 267 781 / [email protected]

LETO / Marta Kołakowska / +48 501 696 440 / [email protected]

Biała / Paulina Grabowiec / +48 795 079 212 / [email protected]


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