23 June2018 // 10:00 pm

‘The White Villa’: Francuska 2 Street, Saska Kępa district in Warsaw

LETO, Contemporary Lynx Magazine and Biała have a great pleasure to invite you to the upcoming event in Warsaw. This time, during one of the shortest nights of the year, you will have a chance to see the magic garden of electric, neon light pleasure by Maurycy Gomulicki.

Gomulicki, Kometa, Warszawa, Zachęta, 2018
Gomulicki, Youmiko, Warszawa 2016

We would like to remind you that Maurycy Gomulicki is an author of a bold, impressive and lenticular cover from one of our archival issues – Contemporary Lynx Magazine 1(5)2016

This third issue of Contemporary Lynx issue deals with the aesthetics of Eastern Europe during the 90s and so provides us with an exciting opportunity to analyse the relations of art, pop culture and the everyday life of that decade in connection to the things happening here and now.

Gomulicki Biała event lynx

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