What To Read This Week: 5 – 11 June

From Yoga in the halls of London’s V&A Museum, to a short history of the stencil art and to the replicated Trafalgar Square lion sculptures by the artist Ewa Axelrad, catch up on the latest articles selected by Lynx team.

Why the Rise of Workout Classes in Museums Should Worry Art Lovers
By Daniel Kunitz / Artsy

A calisthenics circuit around the Metropolitan Museum, interval training at the Berlin Biennale, yoga among the statues in the Beaux-Art Court of the Brooklyn Museum or in the halls of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum: Fitness has, over the past year, crept ever more directly into museums, spaces which for centuries have been temples to stillness. No longer content merely to gaze upon paintings and sculptures of perfected bodies, viewers seem increasingly interested in going to art institutions to imitate them.

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“Art of Yoga” at the Brooklyn Museum. Photo by Sasha Juliard. Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum

“Art of Yoga” at the Brooklyn Museum. Photo by Sasha Juliard. Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

The Cats That Have the Art World Purring
By Rakewell / Apollo Magazine

[…] Here in London, meanwhile, Peckham’s annual Bold Tendencies show is also cat-ching on. The artist Ewa Axelrad has replicated Landseer’s Trafalgar Square lion sculptures and placed them atop the exhibition’s multi-storey car park venue, as a statement on the ‘current condition of public protest, civic unrest and civil liberties’.

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image courtesy by The Peckham Peculiar, source Twitter

Stencil Artists Changing the Way We Look at the City
By Jessica Stewart / My Modern Met

[…] Polish street artist M-City, whose real name is Mariusz Waras, has long been fascinated by industrial spaces. His large-scale work, which require multiple stencils pieced together for the final composition, are typically monochromatic cityscapes that show a mechanized world. As dark and foreboding as they are rhythmically complex, his compositions seem ripped from the pages of a science fiction novel.

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M-City, source My Modern Met

a-n Degree Shows Guide 2017
a-n Magazine

As art and design degree shows open around the UK, a-n’s annual guide is the perfect degree show season companion.

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a-n Degree Shows Guide 2017, a unique snapshot of this year’s art and design degree shows, image, courtesy of a-n Magazine

From our archives:

By Monika Waraxa / Contemporary Lynx online

My meeting face-to-painting with Jurry took place in 2006, at the small show held by the currently non-existent Oficyna Malarska Gallery in Warsaw. Somehow the exhibition was both grand and intimate. I was wondering what would Andy Warhol say meeting those paintings? My essay written on that show was later included in the Jurry`s monograph alongside the pieces written by Anda Rottenberg, Jarosław Modzelewski and Ryszard Woźniak. From then on, I could witness the process of bringing Jurry to the light.

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Display view, Opening of the exhibition of works by Jerzy ‘Jurry’ Zieliński, Luxembourg & Dayan, 15 October, 2013, photo Contemporary Lynx

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