What To Read This Week: 6 – 12 Mar

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The Filmmakers Behind ‘Saving Banksy’ Discuss Why the Artist is a Modern Day Andy Warhol

By Marta Sundac in Art & Design / The Highsnobiety

‘At this point it’s no secret that Bristol artist Banksy is an enigma. Not only is his identity unknown but his work has a mysterious quality to it, which goes hand in hand with the nature of graffiti and street art in general. What’s elevated the artist to greatness is his constant commentary on society in general and politics, using his art as a way to discuss (openly, and in public) the problems we face. He is revered by almost everyone, including the few who see his popularity as a means of profit for themselves. And herein lies the convoluted, legally murky territory of who owns Banksy’s art and the moral quandary of whether it should actually be up for sale.’

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Move Over, Virtual Reality—a New Artistic Medium Is about to Emerge

By Molly Gottschalk / The Artsy

‘Over the past three years, members of the art world have fallen off a Berlin balcony and into a sea of swaying bodies, explored Brazil’s Mata Atlântica rainforest, and entered a world populated by serpents and trolls—all without leaving the relative comfort of a biennial, museum, or fair. Virtual reality has undeniably become the buzziest artistic medium of recent years and Oculus Rift headsets a staple at every major art event. But this week at The Armory Show, a new technology-driven medium—and a new headset—enters the fray.’

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Portrait of Studio Drift in their Amsterdam studio by Jordi Huisman for Artsy.

A Year After Raids, Asia Week New York Returns to the Spotlight
By Ralph Blumenthal and Tom Mashberg / The New York Times
‘New York’s salute to the vibrant arts of Asia is a 10-day festival full of ancient treasures and contemporary masterworks that is in its eighth year.
It’s New York’s salute to the vibrant arts of Asia, a 10-day festival where visitors admire or acquire ancient treasures and contemporary masterworks displayed in lustrous galleries, auction houses and museums. Now in its eighth year, Asia Week New York, which begins on Thursday, has blossomed into a kind of high-culture pub crawl where international and local exhibitors showcase fine art from all corners of Asia, and museums and others stage special events.’

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“Shiva Gangadhara, Bearer of the Ganga,” from 1945, in the Y. G. Srimati retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ten highlights from the Armory Show

By Grace Banks / The Apollo Magazine

‘Isn’t the Studio Drift commission great?’ says The Armory Show’s new director Benjamin Genocchio, of the gargantuan floating ‘concrete’ block exhibited at PACE Gallery’s booth on preview day. ‘It was a long journey to get that, but I’m so glad it’s here now’. The dramatic piece was created especially for the fair, which runs on Piers 92 & 94 in Manhattan until 5 March. By the end of our tour, exhibitors will have made hundreds and thousands of dollars in opening sales, ‘much better than last year’, Genocchio says. This year’s show is bigger, too, with over 200 of the world’s leading galleries from 30 countries exhibiting.’

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Photograph by Teddy Wolff. Courtesy of The Armory Show

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