Lynx Issue #17: ANIMALS


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Soundlab: Sonic background for the change of seasons SE01EP04: Precarious hopefulness of spring

The theme I came up with for this episode of my recommendations is precarious hopefulness. The records I’ve chosen are rather slower-paced, calming, but not drowsy by any means – hope they’ll manage to bring some sunshine into your listening sessions!

Contemporary Lynx Team May 23, 2022

Contemporary Lynx at Impact’22 2022

Impact’22 is the most prestigious economic and technological event in Central and Eastern Europe, attended by top managers from the largest global companies, policy makers, regulators, eminent scientists, as well as world-class experts and speakers.

Contemporary Lynx Team May 20, 2022

An article about Contemporary Lynx on MAGAZIF Read an article about the latest issue of our Magazine in Print

Magazif is an internet portal about design, interiors and architecture.

Contemporary Lynx Team May 19, 2022

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