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Interview "Baldur", still photo, courtesy of Mălina Manovici

Mălina Manovici Old mentalities are hard to replace

Eleftherios Makedonas interviews Mălina Manovici, the protagonist of Romanian director’s Octav Chelaru movie Balaur [A Higher Law] (2021).

Eleftherios Makedonas Jan 24, 2022
review Zofia Keresztes, photo: Dávid Biró

10 Artists From Hungary to Follow The art scene in Hungary is buoyant and diversified.

Today, we would like to present to you ten young Hungarian artists. We selected them based on our own subjective opinion, but we think they are the ones worth following.

Michalina Sablik Jan 21, 2022
profile Marta Rzepińska, Lódź Design Festival 2021, make me! competition

Marta Rzepińska and her naturally produced crayons Bubel Way to recycle leftover kitchen materials

Marta Rzepińska came up with a way to recycle leftover kitchen materials you would usually think of as straight up waste. What would those be?

Contemporary Lynx Team Jan 19, 2022

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