The process of entering the world of art and building your career can be challenging, especially in the face of the vast competition and dynamic structure of the art world.

LYNX ACADEMY offers a unique mentoring program in the form of online 1:1 meetings and group workshops.

  • Are you an artistic person working with visual arts, photography, graphics, new media or an art university student?
  • Are you at the start of your adventure with art, or maybe after years of experience you are stuck in one place and are not sure in which direction your career is heading?
  • Do you lack confidence and are overwhelmed by the meanders of the art world?
  • Would you like to start cooperating effectively with curators and art galleries, but don’t know where to start?
  • Or do you just need advice on how to professionally prepare your portfolio and write an artistic statement?

If so, this program is just for you!

Who are we?

The sessions and workshops are led by the team of editors of Contemporary Lynx Magazine:

Sylwia Krasoń

Art historian, co-founder of an artistic organization and independent publishing house Contemporary Lynx in London since 2013,and vice-president of the Contemporary Lynx Foundation in Warsaw since 2018. Editor-in-chief of the online monthly and the semi-annual print about polish art and culture, Contemporary Lynx. Master of art history at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Also holds the title of Master of Arts in Art Management and Policy (Birkbeck College in London). Worked for Saatchi gallery, Philips de Pury, Barbican Art Gallery in London. Writes about art. Conference speaker and guest of many discussion panels, as well as a member of competition committees, author of workshops and mentoring sessions for artists.

Patrycja Głusiec

A graduate of Polish philology and art history at the University of Warsaw. Photographer, author of texts about photography, graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Photography. Since 2019 to December 2023, as a member of the editorial team, she has been co-creating the Contemporary Lynx Magazine. She also created the magazine’s and artists’ image through social media, and has experience working in artistic education – she worked for the National Museum in Warsaw, Department of Education, as an educator. She also worked with the Foksal Gallery Foundation in Warsaw. Writes about art, co-authored the workshops.

Anna Nowok

Content manager, graphic designer, e-commerce specialist, and an art historian with many years of experience working in the artistic environment. Expert in managing the website and online store. Thanks to her ability to optimise content, photo editing, data analysis, customer service, and managing the product catalogues, she perfectly understands the rules and strategies of running an effective online business. He has vast knowledge of the use of design tools and extensive experience creating graphics for various media, including websites, promotional materials, corporate identity and printing. She cooperated with various institutions, companies, and organizations, co-creating events organized by the magazine.

How we can help

Mentoring sessions

Working individually and in groups with artists on career development in the art world.

• help with developing a portfolio;
• first steps in the art market;
• proposing specific solutions tailored to your specific situation;
• developing a path and a plan for long-term commitment;
• fruitful cooperation with art galleries and art institutions;
• a follow-up session, meaning checking in on the progress of working on goals;
• cooperating with top curators and culture managers working for Tate Modern, Sotheby's Auction House, Barbican Art Center, Hayward Gallery in London.


a knowledge program about independent publishing and writing about art.

• thematic workshops: “Storytelling for creatives” and “How to create your own publication”;
• an original program developed by the editors-in-chief of Contemporary Lynx Magazine;
• groups of 10-15 people;
• training materials in PL and EN based on many years of experience;
• cooperating with the Arts Council of England, Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw, Centrala organisation in Birmingham, PUNO University in London, Poznań University of Economics and Business.

Lectures and Meetings

Leading and participating in numerous conferences, lectures and meetings about art.

• conducting lectures;
• organizing, participating, and moderating discussion panels;
• attending conferences;
• reviewing artistic portfolios during festivals;
• participating in artistic competitions as jurors and experts;
• over 15 years of experience in the field of: visual arts, running business in the creative sector, creating publications about culture.

How to apply?

If you are interested, please write to us at [email protected]

Write who you are and what specific issue you would like to address during the session. We will ask you to send us materials depending on the topic, including a short description of your works and activities that will help us get to know your body of work. With this, we will be able to prepare well for our individual or group meeting. Together we will determine a suitable date for a conversation, online or in person. We offer 1 session or a series of 5 to 10 meetings to be had over time.

Ask for pricing and details by email: [email protected]

Our Mission

We have been educating culture managers and artists at every professional level nonstop since 2017.

Contemporary Lynx Magazine is one of the largest independent and international arts and culture publications based in London. During the 10 years of operation, we have published 36,000 copies of the magazine, and the online version has reached 1.5 million readers in 201 countries. The magazine is dedicated to art and culture, photography, design and collecting. It is available in Europe, Asia and America, e.g. at Tate Modern, Henry Moore Foundation, and at 18 fairs around the world, including Art Basel in Basel, Miami, Hong Kong, or Frieze Art Fair in London, New York and Los Angeles. By collaborating with experts from around the world, the magazine provides reliable knowledge, includes interviews with key figures from the art world, and a number of insightful essays discussing current trends in art. The magazine also focuses on finding new and emerging artists.

In addition to publishing, our team supports artistic communities at the local and international level, ensures access to culture, and develops research on contemporary art. From the beginning of our activity, we are continuously promoting artistic education and we are teaching a new generation of culture managers, writers, artists through original educational programs, as well as through sessions preparing young artists for an international career.


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