review Greta Pllana. Moi Aussi. Courtesy of the Etnia Barcelona.

Art through a new lens. Moi Aussi – a creative union between art and optics.

Weronika Mielcarek Jun 26, 2024

Magic, Mysticism, and the Celebration of Nature in Bloom. An interview with Marta Borkowska and Martyna Golik, curators of this year’s Gdynia Design Days’ MANUBA collection.

Monika Juskowiak Jun 25, 2024

Studio Visit: Igor Kubik Do what you like and not what, in your opinion, ensures assignments from clients.

Anna Nowok Jan 02, 2023

Christmas “Patterns “ Santa to the Rescue!

Zuzanna Auguścik Dec 16, 2022

The iconic Targi Rzeczy Ładnych in Silesia We have selected a few exhibitors who have particularly caught our eye.

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 15, 2022

Targi Rzeczy Ładnych – Trł Winter In Warsaw 270 fantastic brands in one place

Zuzanna Auguścik Dec 08, 2022
review Vienna Design Week 22, Kramar/Kollektiv Fischka, copyright: Vienna Design Week

Vienna's Design Landscape From Crystal Chandelier To Future Chips

Patrycja Głusiec Nov 07, 2022
Interview Kasia Walentynowicz, Photo: Michał Matejko

Studio Visit: Kasia Walentynowicz an illustrator and a graphic designer

Anna Nowok Aug 10, 2022

To Infinity and beyond Adrienn Veres’s recycled plastic chair

Maria Brzosko Jul 29, 2022
design LDF 2021, make me! Jana Potiron, Do not disturb my coffee zen,

“Do not disturb my coffee zen.” Calming and sustainable coffee art by Jana Potiron

Maria Brzosko Jul 27, 2022
review Six N.Five studio, Isern Serra

TON. Knowledge and experience gained through generations. timeless bentwood furniture in Bystřice pod Hostýnem

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 20, 2022
review Harbour Farming, evening view

What can we expect at this year's edition of Gdynia Design Days? Gdynia Design Days, a festival focused on searching design solutions to contemporary challenges

Olga Łojewska Jun 22, 2022
design LDF2021 make me, Marlena Norowska, Obvara – ceramic urns

Obvara – ceramic urns Marlena Norowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 19, 2022
review Aurelia & Zwei Frauen

Targi Rzeczy Ładnych - Independent design fair in Warsaw Special selection of Polish design brands and current trends

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 01, 2022
Interview photo by Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

Designers as Renaissance men: studio kaschkasch

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 25, 2022

13 Must-visit Design Festivals 2022

Maria Lisowska Mar 14, 2022

Bread as the bond beyond divisions Julia Kędzierska

Contemporary Lynx Team Jan 26, 2022
design Marta Rzepińska, Lódź Design Festival 2021, make me! competition

Marta Rzepińska and her naturally produced crayons Bubel Way to recycle leftover kitchen materials

Contemporary Lynx Team Jan 19, 2022
design Metamorphosis collection

RÜCKL. Renaissance of Czech glassmaking craft Rückl designs crystals

Zuzanna Auguścik Jan 07, 2022
design Brokis, CAPSULA, © Jan Voharcik

BROKIS. Contemporary vision of light and bespoke lighting solutions.

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 09, 2021

“There is still a large group of people who prefer to see art in person”. An interview with Kama Zboralska of the Warsaw Art Fair.

Aleksandra Mainka-Pawłowska Nov 22, 2021

Preciosa Lighting Lighting projects that tell a story.

Zuzanna Auguścik Nov 18, 2021

Contemporary Lynx’s Gift Suggestions If you lack ideas for a gift, here you will find our suggestions.

Wiktoria Bednarczyk Nov 15, 2021
design Bomma, Phenomena

Bomma. Taking glassmaking craft to a new level. DESIGNBLOK series

Zuzanna Auguścik Nov 10, 2021

Boey Wang and his set of measuring tools Immeasurable Range An educational measuring kit

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 27, 2021

Celebration of Polish Design. One-of-a-kind Fair in Katowice.

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 04, 2021

What graphic design can do in our time to build movements? Photostory

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 01, 2021

‘What I want, what I am, what you force me to be, is what you are.’ How Protests, Subcultures and Creative Criticism of the Mainstream Disrupt Fashion

Mannika Mishra Sep 10, 2021
profile Callum Ferguson, Plastikbank

Callum Ferguson’s “Plastibank” It raises the issue of plastic pollution

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 20, 2021
profile itthon. studio

Itthon. Studio Plays A Role In Supporting Artisans In Ada Itthon. studio designs sustainable and handmade items for every household

Anna Shostak Aug 13, 2021

Christine Oehme creates gender-fluid playset ‘Werkelküche’ “Toys should not assign gender roles”

Anna Shostak Jul 16, 2021

‘The Clothed Home’: nature, traditions, and textiles. In conversation with the artist Alicja Bielawska and curator Aleksandra Kędziorek.

Marek Wołyński Jun 21, 2021
profile Audrone Drungilaite, Linen Rug CHAOS

Audrone Drungilaite and her Linen rug CHAOS “I accidentally came up with an idea to create a rug from the leftovers”

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 04, 2021

Austeja Platukyte She created experimental packaging from algae-based material.

Sylwia Krasoń May 23, 2021

Say Hello from Your Studio: Justyna Górowska Reinvention of the Slavic Archeology

Anna Nowok Apr 27, 2021
Interview photo by Karo Lewandowska

Mosko Ceramics Say Hello from Your Studio

Anna Nowok Mar 15, 2021

Say Hello from Your Studio: Kosmos Project Design Studio on their Creative Practice

Sylwia Krasoń Feb 25, 2021
Interview photo: Maciek Niemojski

The Dimensions of Time Design: Stanisław Czarnocki

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 07, 2020

Poznań in a Poster The competition for a poster depicting the city of Poznań

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 04, 2020
review Festival Campaign 2020 (Copyright © Bueronardin, Vienna Design Week)

Photostory: Vienna Design Week 2020

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 08, 2020
review LDF2020, make me!, Alena Selina Halmes, Augen zu. Eine unsichtbare Designsprache

New Trends And Brave Ideas: Top 7 Make Me! Entries

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 17, 2020
essay Druga Ogólnopolska Wystawa Znaków Graficznych, photo by Aleksander Drożdżewski. Courtesy of the curatorial team.

7 Designers, Whose Logos Feature Prominently On The Cards Of Polish Design History

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 14, 2020

Say Hello From Your Studio: Marta Krysińska

Anna Nowok Aug 14, 2020
Interview pat guzik fashion

Say Hello From Your Studio: Pat Guzik

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 10, 2020
Interview chmara.rosinke

Say Hello From Your Studio: Chmara.Rosinke

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 24, 2020
Interview Photography copyright Vojta Veskrna

Say Hello From Your Studio: Nastassia Aleinikava

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 04, 2020
review Shop Chair, Tom Sachs, 2019, source:

10 Interesting Chairs And Their Stories

Nicholas Bartkowiak May 19, 2020
review NIGHT FEVER 1. Designmuseum Danmark. Photo Pernille og Linus Klemp

Night Fever. Designing Club Culture From 1960 Until Today

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 29, 2020
review V&A Dundee Scotland, ©Hufton Crow.

V&A Dundee Recaptures The Scottish Design Heritage In Three Tenses:

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 28, 2020

Van Eyck’s Colours In Design Where does colour come from?

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 21, 2020
review Very Graphic. Polish Designers of the 20th Century

10 Books To Read If You Love Design

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 17, 2020
Interview Jagoda Stączek Blueberrythinks

Say Hello From Your Studio: Jagoda Stączek (Blueberrythinks)

Anna Nowok Mar 31, 2020
review Design Month Grass 2020

Your Guide To Design Festivals In Europe In 2020 Check it out!

Ada Kałużna Mar 04, 2020
Interview Olga Szczechowska, photo Radek Zawadzki

Say Hello From Your Studio: Olga Szczechowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 25, 2020
review Malwina Konopacka

Say Hello From Your Studio: Malwina Konopacka

Sylwia Krasoń Feb 03, 2020
review Vadym Solowski

Say Hello from your studio: Vadym Solowski

Anna Nowok Jan 13, 2020

Top 6 Gift Ideas Which Will Charm Everybody

Anna Nowok Dec 03, 2019
Interview papear stationery funny unique gift card

Papear Stationery: Say Hello From Your Studio

Anna Nowok Nov 28, 2019
review Hadaki polish design brand

Christmas Gifts Idea Even For The Person Who Has Everything

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 26, 2019
review 632 - flat bowl august design studio

5 Things To Dessire Here are five collectors’ items and hand-made objects you must have.

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 04, 2019
review Designblok 2019

DESIGNBLOK 2019. What design can do for our better future?

Sylwia Krasoń Oct 21, 2019
review Mina ceramics

Mina Ceramics: Say hello from your studio

Sylwia Krasoń Oct 19, 2019
review Niech żyje papier Warszawa 2019

Long Live Paper Art Fair

Paulina Prońko Oct 04, 2019

August Design Studio Say hello from your Studio

Anna Nowok Sep 23, 2019

The Best And The Brightest Of Polish Design: We Present Our Top 5

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 13, 2019
review Rony Plesl exhibition, Fire walk with me, Credit Rony Plesl Studio

The Art Of Glass Making Czech Artist Pays Tribute To Wood And Fire

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 12, 2019
review Anna Miau Ceramics

Anna Miau Ceramics: Say hello from your studio

Anna Nowok Aug 19, 2019
Interview Gukla’s slow design for kids and home

Gukla Design: Say hello from your studio

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 05, 2019
review © Triennale Milano, photo: Gianluca DiIoia

“La Grande Belezza” Of Design The Museum of Design at La Triennale di Milano

Dobrosława Nowak Jul 29, 2019
review ECH candleholder by UAU project

UAU Project: Say hello from your studio

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 11, 2019
review Jousse Entreprise

Objects That Will Make Your Life Better. Design Miami

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 14, 2019
review blackbird kuźnia skały design Marcin Skalski

Kuźnia Skały: Say hello from your studio

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 10, 2019
review Łódź Design Festival 2019

What We Loved At The Łódź Design Festival See the photos

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 04, 2019
review ASHka, ash-made ceramic by Mateusz Mioduszewski

Goodlife Recipe: 7 Young Designers to Look Out for 2019

Contemporary Lynx Team May 18, 2019
review magdalena konior

Wzory Design Fair In Warsaw photostory

Contemporary Lynx Team May 17, 2019

Blue Innovations: Keeping Indigo Printing Alive Meet Four Contemporary Czech Designers Who Create Exceptional, High Quality Hand-made Items

Contemporary Lynx Team May 11, 2019
Interview unnike design

Unikke Design: Say hello from your studio Behind this jewellery brand stays Olga Guzik – a designer who is on the constant search for new solutions

Michalina Sablik Apr 15, 2019
review AQUA. La visione di Leonardo, Salone del Mobil;e 2019

Salone Internazionale Del Mobile Di Milano The world’s largest furniture and design fair

Dobrosława Nowak Apr 09, 2019
Interview 18 Inner Space (diploma work) - photo Tomáš Brabec

I Find Freedom In Randomness — a conversation with Czech designer Michal Starch 

Michalina Sablik Apr 06, 2019
review Salone del Mobile.Milano

9 Must-visit Design Festivals In 2019

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 02, 2019

The Japanese “MA” Concept In Practice. Mazda Design 2019

Anna Nowok Mar 30, 2019
Interview Manufaktura Porcelany

Manufaktura Porcelany:  Say hello from your studio

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 09, 2019
review Myung Nam An, Cube Gallery, Collect 2019, Saatchi Gallery, London

From London’s Collect 2019 Photostory

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 28, 2019
review Vladimira Klumpar, Orange Wave, Autchor Archive, Galerie Kuzebauch.

Four Female Artists Who Disrupt The Perception Of Glassmaking

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 27, 2019

Are You Sick Of Plastic? Scoby Is A Fully Edible Packing Solution

Sylwia Krasoń Feb 16, 2019
review Free Love Bedding - HOP DESIGN

Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Give your other half a beautiful and unique present

Sylwia Krasoń Feb 11, 2019
essay Dawid Czajkowski poster detail

The Latest Polish Posters Addressing Politics New Polish designers

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 29, 2018
review studio rygalik

Subjective Guide To Vienna Contemporary And Other Satellite Events. Check it out.

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 24, 2018
review the four monumental lions in Trafalgar Square (2)

Design Flows Through London’s Veins. Highlights Of London Design Festival

Marek Wołyński Sep 19, 2018
essay ‘African Buffalo’ by Lubomir Tomaszewski. Courtesy of AS Ćmielów Porcelain Manufactory.

Iconic Figurines Hand-made In Ćmielów Perfect decoration for a modern home

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 10, 2018
Interview Zorya, Virus Crystallized Cluster Necklace, 2014, linen flax rope, white crystals,

Czech Contemporary Jewellery In London Electric and cosmopolitan design made in the traditional crafting process

Sylwia Krasoń May 30, 2018
review must have, fot. Aleksandra Pawłowska

Łódż Design Festival Photostory For Design Lovers

Contemporary Lynx Team May 23, 2018
review Fly’s Eye Vase, Krafla

Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Stuck With Your Gift Ideas?

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 20, 2017
profile Władysław Strzemiński’s universal alphabet, d-file

D-file #8: The Trouble With The Font Is…? Strzemiński's alphabet

Ania Diduch Nov 29, 2017
Interview Łódź Design Festival 2017

Keeping Design Romance Alive Interview With Michał Piernikowski – Art Director Of Lodz Design Festival

Ania Diduch Oct 25, 2017
review Łódź Design Festival

Notion Of Novelty Photo Story From Łódź Design Festival

Anna Nowok Oct 21, 2017
review Tartaruga, images by Maria Fiter / crea-re studio, London Design Fair, September 2017.

London Design Fair: Polish Designers In The Creative Heart Of London

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 04, 2017
essay Wojciech Zamecznik

D-file #7: Wojciech Zamecznik In One Hundred Years We Will Laugh About It. Or Not?

Ania Diduch Sep 27, 2017
essay d-file rajmund hałas

Rajmund Hałas D-file #6

Ania Diduch Aug 30, 2017
essay Wiktoria Nowak, Ład

D-file #5: Wiktoria Nowak The ŁAD (Order) Cooperative

Ania Diduch Jul 26, 2017
Jan Pfeifer, ‘Urban Instrument’, image courtesy of the artist

Urban Instrument By Jan Pfeifer The first prize in the ‘MakeMe! 2016’ competition

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 03, 2017
review Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week 2017 Tracing Polish Designers Via Instagram And Facebook

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 08, 2017

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Polish Design  We selected some of the finest designs to inspire you

Sylwia Feb 14, 2017
review pawel grobelny D-File

D-file#4 – 2 In 1: Paweł Grobelny And His Functional Games

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 01, 2017
review oskar zieta, christmas FIDU trees

5 Ideas For Christmas Gifts If you are looking for unusual Christmas gifts, we are happy to help

Sylwia Dec 08, 2016
review RE:made objects (re-made objects); UAU Project

Łódź Design Festival 2016 In Our Lens The biggest festival of its kind in Poland

Ania Diduch Dec 05, 2016
essay Izabela Bołoz, Intersections, Milan Design Week, 2015, courtesy of the designer

D-file #3 Programming Leisure By Izabela Bołoz

Ania Diduch Aug 20, 2016
essay D-File Ania Diduch about Ende

D-file #2 Porcelain Xero The “Black Doll Head” cup by Ende Ceramics

Ania Diduch Jun 10, 2016
essay Kowalski's newly produced chair; source:

D-file #1 Kowalski’s Chair the stories behind Polish designs and designers,

Ania Diduch Apr 27, 2016

Alicja Patanowska. The Splendid Revival Of Ceramics

Sylwia Krasoń Apr 17, 2016
Interview Food Think Tank

Food Think Tank Love Affair Between Art & Food

Sylwia Feb 20, 2016

Story Of Change Polish Design Comes Back To Imm Cologne

Sylwia Krasoń Jan 22, 2016

Welcome To The Design Democracy Polish Designers At Fuorisalone In Milan.

Sylwia Krasoń Apr 29, 2015
profile Zieta Prozessdesign Collection, photo courtesy of Zieta Prozessdeign

Oskar Zięta. In Search Of Innovative Technology

Magdalena Zięba-Grodzka Mar 07, 2015

Brazilians Were Surprised To Hear How Design-conscious We Are In Poland

Sylwia Krasoń Dec 16, 2014

Design From Poland At Tent London London Design Festival

Sylwia Krasoń Sep 24, 2014

The Chaos Of Colours Mingles With Humour. Grotesque Links The Sacred With The Profane. “Enfant Terrible. New Polish Poster” In Brussels

Sylwia Krasoń Sep 23, 2013