Soundlab: Sonic background for the change of seasons SE01EP04: Precarious hopefulness of spring

Piotr Wojnar May 23, 2022

Kitchen Conversations for Ukraine with Olga Permiakova Ukrainian artist and photographer

Contemporary Lynx Team May 09, 2022

Soundlab: Ukrainian music can’t be silenced SE01EP03: Slava Ukraini!

Piotr Wojnar Apr 26, 2022

Kitchen Conversations with Maja ∀. Ngom a Polish-Senegalese artist currently based in London

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 04, 2022

Soundlab: Music recommendations in times of uncertainty SE01EP02: Haunting Uncertainty

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 21, 2022

Kitchen Conversations for Ukraine episode 1

Patrycja Rozwora Mar 17, 2022

Ukraine #notspeechless A touching ARTE project

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 16, 2022

Kitchen Conversation with Ukrainian Artists Marta Romankiv and Tatyana Ostapenko

Patrycja Rozwora Feb 28, 2022

Soundlab: A listening guide for post-winter reminiscences SE01EP01: We’re all ears - a listening guide for post-winter reminiscences

Piotr Wojnar Feb 16, 2022

Museums on TikTok: 9 Accounts to Follow

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 14, 2022

Kitchen Conversations with Kai Hermann Publicist, academic, and the host of the ost.GAYze podcast

Patrycja Rozwora Jan 31, 2022
multimedia Exhibition view, Young Poland: An Arts and Crafts Movement (1890–1918), William Morris Gallery, London, photo by Nicola Tree

Kitchen Conversations with Julia Griffin about Young Poland: An Arts and Crafts Movement (1890–1918)

Patrycja Rozwora Dec 22, 2021

One year with Kitchen Conversations summary

Patrycja Rozwora Dec 15, 2021

We know the Winners Allegro Prize 2021

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 07, 2021

Not Everything Everywhere is for us. An interview with May Abdalla, Co-Founder and Director of Anagram Studio

Maria Markiewicz Nov 24, 2021

Kitchen Conversations: Grandma’s Tales

Patrycja Rozwora Nov 08, 2021
Interview Ola Korbańska, Gentle Protest

Kitchen Conversations with Ola Korbańska A Polish artist and multidisciplinary designer.

Patrycja Rozwora Oct 08, 2021
multimedia Tatyana Ostapenko, The Real Strong and Silent Ones, mural.

Kitchen Conversations with Tatyana Ostapenko She is a contemporary painter born and raised in Soviet Ukraine

Patrycja Rozwora Aug 16, 2021

The hell is the one who watches: Andrzej Żuławski’s "On the Silver Globe"

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 21, 2021
multimedia Stefan Pavlović

Kitchen Conversations with Stefan Pavlović Amsterdam-based filmmaker

Patrycja Rozwora Jul 12, 2021

Kitchen Conversations With Valerija Kravale Valerija Kravale is a guitarist and a music artist currently based in Berlin.

Patrycja Rozwora Jun 05, 2021

Podcast: Kitchen Conversations with Stefan Ionescu-Ambrosie Romanian writer and researcher

Patrycja Rozwora Apr 29, 2021
multimedia Kitchen Conversation podcast

10 Podcasts About Contemporary Art From a large pool of great contemporary art podcasts, here are ten that we think are worth a listen.

Alec Zajac Apr 15, 2021

Listen to the podcast: Kitchen Conversation with Hristina Tasheva, visual artist and photographer

Patrycja Rozwora Mar 27, 2021

Listen to the podcast: Kitchen Conversation with Marta Romankiv

Patrycja Rozwora Mar 01, 2021

Listen to the Podcast: Kitchen Conversation with Szymon Adamczyk

Patrycja Rozwora Feb 01, 2021

Listen to the podcast: Kitchen Conversation with Marta Sulima

Patrycja Rozwora Jan 11, 2021
multimedia “The Trip” - a transmedia project by Kissinger Twins

Filmhack: Interactive Films Where Audiovisual Narration Meets State Of The Art Technologies

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 11, 2020
multimedia Screenshot of the website Guggenheim on Internet Archive

7 Websites For Inspiring Art E-book These titles cannot but prove the rightest choice.

Contemporary Lynx Team May 21, 2020
multimedia Chantal Akerman, Saute Ma Ville, 1968

Chantal Akerman Passages

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 09, 2020
essay Escape Arles, mobile game

Less Is More. Artistic Mobile Games

Sylwia Żółkiewska Jan 07, 2020
multimedia Empathy Swarm, Katrin Hochschuh and Adam Donovan, photo Wojtek Chrubasik

Predicting The Future: Visual Arts In 2050

Sylwia Żółkiewska Jul 19, 2019
multimedia Jagoda-Szelc's-movie

Rite Of Passage. "Monument" by Jagoda Szelc

Karol Szafraniec Apr 04, 2019
multimedia 'Core of the World', (dir. Nataliya Meshchaninova).

The Secret Of Sorrow the “Sputnik Over Poland” Film Festival

Karol Szafraniec Dec 08, 2018
multimedia Wajda Sweet Rush, Press Materials

Painters/ Directors/ Artists How an artistic background affected filmography of some of the famous directors.

Karol Szafraniec Nov 07, 2018
multimedia Magdalena Abakanowicz, Abakany [Abakans], Starmach Gallery, Krakow, December 2015 – February 2016, photo M. gardulski, Starmach Gallery

Video Story #3: Magdalena Abakanowicz The artist who changed the perception on textiles

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 15, 2018
multimedia Finger Battle, Rafael Rozendaal

App And New Media Art: How Mobile Apps Have Captured Artists’ Imagination

Sylwia Żółkiewska Jul 21, 2018
multimedia stanisław fijałkowski polish art

Video Story #2: Stanisław Fijałkowski And His Transcendent Worlds

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jul 19, 2018
multimedia Tadeusz Brzozowski

Video Story #1: Tadeusz Brzozowski

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 12, 2018
multimedia Ewa Axelrad, #Flulds 1, Flulds #2, photo, lambda in dibond and plxiglas in wooden frame, 2 x 122x155cm, 2012/ Izabela Chamczyk, Wave Phase, video-installation, 2014

Polish Art Tomorrow: History, Present And Future A platform that helps to identify and map Polish art scene*

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 23, 2017
multimedia soundlab

Lynx In Headphone Soundlab #9

Anna Prokop Aug 03, 2017
multimedia soundlab July

Lynx In Headphones Soundlab #8

Anna Prokop Jul 06, 2017
multimedia Jacek Doroszenko and Ewa Doroszenko, audio-visual project „Soundreaming”

Lynx In Headphones Soundlab #7

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 01, 2017
multimedia soundlab 6 May Contemporary Lynx

Lynx In Headphones Soundlab #6

Anna Prokop May 04, 2017
multimedia soundlab lynx in headphonessiekiera puchate misie

Lynx In Headphones Soundlab #5

Anna Prokop Apr 06, 2017

Lynx In Headphones Soundlab #4

Anna Prokop Mar 02, 2017

Paweł Janicki: Beyond The Digital Media Art

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 11, 2017

Lynx In Headphones Soundlab #3

Anna Prokop Feb 02, 2017

Lynx In Headphones Soundlab #2

Anna Prokop Jan 05, 2017
multimedia soundlab for december

Lynx In Headphones Soundlab #1

Anna Prokop Dec 01, 2016

Contemporary Lynx Magazine 01 January 2014

Dobromila Jan 02, 2014