We have worked with multiple organisations, foundations, brands, art
institutions in different countries on projects, exhibitions and events.

Our Partners

We work closely with organisations
to deliver meaningful art experience

Our Collaborations

Lynx x TATE Modern

Tate Modern is the jewel in the crown of modern art galleries in London with 5.7 million visitors. We had a pleasure to premier the Magazine in one of their venues, during the performance of Oskar Dawicki.

Lynx x PURO

PURO is a boutique hotel group in Poland. We paired with these high-end venues to co-organised a series of art debates ‘Break My Art.’ We discussed topics such as philanthropy, street art and Avantgarde.

Lynx x Hestia

Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation is a founder of a portal (Un)common Ground which promotes the development of art branding. Together, we co-created a series of articles published in our Magazine.

Lynx x Allegro Prize

We partnered with Allegro the largest Polish e-commerce platform, who since 2018 has been promoting antique and art. We co-founded Allegro Prize – a new international annual competition for artists with cash prize.

We link with prestigious art fairs, film,
design and art festivals and exceptional
cultural events worldwide.