Anna Barlik, East West.

“Art Lives Here”: Residency Opportunity by Leonardo Hotels. Warsaw Art Competition and Open Call for Early-to-Mid Career Artists.

Art Lives Here” is a residency program at NYX Hotel Warsaw and Leonardo Royal Warsaw, designed for artists from Central and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia who specialise in photography. This contest is dedicated to opening up the hotel’s spaces to creatives, offering them opportunities for an enriching art residency experience.

Leonardo Hotel, Warsaw. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.
Leonardo Hotel, Warsaw. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.

Making Room for Art: Why You Should Apply

Are you an early-to-mid career artist working with photography, residing in Central/Eastern Europe or Scandinavia? This exciting upcoming artist residency in the vibrant city of Warsaw is scheduled from July 8th to July 25th and it could be the perfect match for you!

For all qualifying artists selected for the contest, the NYX Hotel Warsaw will provide accommodation and board at Leonardo Royal Warsaw. The photographs of participating artists will then be showcased at a vernissage held at the NYX Hotel Warsaw, with the winning piece joining the prestigious art collection of the hotel chain. 

During the residency, one of the rooms will be transformed into a dedicated art studio, offering the winners an inspiring space to bring their creative visions to life. 

“Art and its reception are profoundly urban phenomena. Here, you find galleries and museums, and most importantly, artists. Even if, in the flood of information and images filling today’s cities to the brim, art seems to disappear from the forefront, it has never been easier more accessible. Street art and public art are continuously evolving, and the collection of works created for Leonardo Hotels will be a prime example of this,” remarks Jacek Sosnowski, curator of the art collection at NYX Hotel Warsaw and chair of the competition jury.

Anna Barlik, East West.
Anna Barlik, East West. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.
Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.
Dima Mykytenko, Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.
Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.
Adrianna Gajdziszewska, No Title. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.

For years, Leonardo Hotels have left an indelible mark marking on the art world, championing artists and providing platform for their creative expression. The hotel chain proudly features works by some of Poland’s most esteemed contemporary artists. The NYX Hotel Warsaw collection boasts site-specific pieces by luminaries such as Anna Barlik, NeSpoon, Norbert Delman, Mariusz Tarkawian, Aleksandra Waliszewska, and Mariusz Waras

Leonardo Hotels are more than just spaces for showcasing art; they are dynamic spaces where art is actively cultivated. In 2022, the “Art Lives Here” residency program was introduced for female artists from all across Europe. Out of a pool of over a hundred applicants, a jury handpicked four residents. The standout creation—a photographic installation by Laure Catugier—emerged during this residency and found permanent home within the NYX Hotel Warsaw collection. This acquisition not only enriches the hotel’s artistic milieu but also extends its reach to a diverse global audience, captivating guests from all corners of the world.

“Art is at the heart of the Leonardo Hotels brand. We want talented artists to have the opportunity to develop their passions through projects like this.”

Embracing Public Spaces that Welcome Art

Art is an integral part of Leonardo Hotels’ identity, reflecting their steadfast commitment to fostering creativity and supporting the arts. The “Art Lives Here” program serves as a prime example by providing a platform for emerging artists to cultivate their careers. This residency presents artists at the onset of their professional journeys with a valuable opportunity to acquire new experiences and insights. It enables them to immerse themselves in Warsaw’s vibrant local art scene, fostering connections and collaborations that can fuel their future endeavours. If you are an emerging artist, perhaps now is your turn to join the journey and share your creativity with both the international audience and fellow participants. 

Laure Catugier
Laure Catugier, BLANK#4. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.

“Art is at the heart of the Leonardo Hotels brand. We want talented artists to have the opportunity to develop their passions through projects like this. Art in our hotels is what makes staying with us unforgettable. Through our “Art Lives Here” campaign, we aspire to not only enjoy art for ourselves but also to provide a nurturing space for its creation,” explains the organiser. 

Buoyed by the success of the program’s inaugural edition, the NYX Hotel Warsaw launched the second instalment. This time, aligning with the development goals of the NYX Hotel Warsaw art collection, the “Art Lives Here” program champions artists from the CEE region and Scandinavia who primarily work with photography. The jury will select three participants from the submitted applications to create a series of works centered on the theme of urban photography. During the residency, participants will have access to a studio and receive curatorial and production support from the jury and project ambassadors. The residency will culminate in an exhibition where the jury will announce their verdict.

Norbert Delman, Plexus.

Art, Audience, Artist

Through initiatives like “Art Lives Here”, Leonardo Hotels transform their properties into living, public gallery-like spaces, where art and hospitality intersect. This approach enhances the guest experience by integrating contemporary art into everyday spaces, making it accessible to an international audience. For the artists, it provides a supportive environment to create, exhibit, and grow, reinforcing the chain’s role as a patron of the arts and a hub for cultural exchange. 

This year, Leonardo Hotels in Warsaw are again shining a spotlight on art with an exciting competition for photographers from across Europe. Three winners will be chosen to participate in a prestigious seventeen-day art residency at Leonardo Hotels in Warsaw.

To aid in their creative process, one of the hotel rooms will be transformed into a dedicated art studio, offering the winners the ideal space and resources to develop and refine their works. The program enables artists to create outside the confines of traditional exhibition spaces. By working within the dynamic and diverse environment of the hotel, artists can explore new contexts and audiences for their work. This setting encourages experimentation and innovation, allowing artists to push the boundaries of their practice. 

The resulting artworks are not only displayed within the hotel’s spaces but also become part of a larger dialogue between the hotel, its guests, and the wider art community.

Aleksandra Waliszewska, Lolita. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.
Aleksandra Waliszewska, Lolita. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.

The Opportunity Unveiled

The residency will culminate in a special exhibition showcasing the photographs created by all the participating artists. This vernissage will be held at the NYX Hotel Warsaw, providing a platform for the artists to present their work to a broader audience. The highlight of the exhibition will be the announcement of the best series of photographs, which will subsequently be purchased by the organiser. These winning works will be added to the esteemed art collections of NYX Hotel Warsaw and Leonardo Royal Warsaw, ensuring the artists’ contributions are celebrated and preserved within the hotels’ artistic heritage.

Mariusz Tarkawian, Monolit.
Mariusz Tarkawian, Monolit. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.

By offering the “Art Lives Here” residency, Leonardo Hotels not only support the artistic community but also enhance the cultural landscape of their properties, transforming them into vibrant spaces where art and hospitality seamlessly intersect. This initiative elevates the hotels into unique cultural destinations, enriching the guest experience and fostering a deeper connection between art and everyday life.

How to apply:

Attach a portfolio of selected works with an artist statement and one artwork of choice in JPG format (to be used for promotion of the competition on social media). Send it along with the signed documents to [email protected] .

The e-mail should be bigger than 12 MB, in other otherwise – use one of free transfer program.

For more information visit the official website:

NesPoon, Untitled, detal. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.
NesPoon, Untitled, detal. Courtesy of the Leonardo Hotel.

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