List of Art Residencies and Practices for artists and cultural workers from Ukraine


Accomodation and Work to film industry professionals

B2Y productions and Nu Boyana film studios are offering accommodation and work to film industry professionals.
We know these are a difficult times and you are faced with many uncertainties. Know that we are here to help!

If you make it to the borders and if you are looking for help , we are here.

Contact: Various Channels



Estonian Academy of Arts offers Ukrainian students free study opportunities at our four faculties of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, and Art Culture until the situation in their country stabilises.

The study spots are provided by semester (free mover seats) and enable students to continue their studies at several international curricula: fine art, animation, photography, architecture, urban studies, interior architecture, interaction design, graphic design, design and crafts and cultural heritage (in English) and media graphics (in Russian). Both MA and BA level students are welcome to apply. EKA will also announce extension of admission period for degree studies for Ukrainian students.

EKA supports organising housing for the spring semester 2022. Additional help with land transportation will be organised.

Information about the Estonian Academy of Arts’ curricula can be found at



OPEN CALL! Emergency residency program for Ukrainian artists and families from the war zone.

As an emergency, we can host until three artists (FLINT*) with their families for one month (between April – June) for free.

Projektraum Coswig is a space dedicated to the experimentation, research, and dissemination of artistic practices in which both local and international artists come together, located in the historic center of Coswig (Anhalt), on the banks of the Elbe River, in Germany. Projektraum Coswig has two shared dormitory rooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, creative workspaces, a patio, and a large garden.

The stays are aimed at all those people: groups of artists, curators, researchers, creators from any field, be it performing arts, plastic arts, literature, dance, technology, scientists, and others who want to develop their project in an inspiring environment and in nature.

Ongoing call


  • Free accomodation
  • Food, transport, artist fee not provided (at the moment)

How to apply:

  • to apply please send CV or portfolio by email to Include info if you have a partner/kids with you.

More information:


Ukrainian Aid – Emergency Residencies

To address the catastrophic situation in Ukraine, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Connecting Points programme and Saari Residence are offering residencies and accommodation for artists and art professionals who are fleeing from Ukraine or who have been displaced due to the war in Ukraine.

The residencies are located at the residence of HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme in Helsinki and at the Saari Residence in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland. The residency covers the travel and living costs of the residents. The residency period can last from 1 week up to 3 months. The family residency can be extended to four people.

Living conditions / Basic Information:

HIAP can offer emergency residencies primarily at Villa Eläintarha. Villa Eläintarha is a wooden villa in Helsinki city centre and offers private rooms with a shared kitchen and common area.

Saari Residence, maintained by Kone Foundation, is an international residence for professional artists and researchers in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland. Saari Residence is located in a tranquil rural setting surrounded by nature, on the shore of Mietoistenlahti, 30 km north of Turku.The Saari Residence apartments have a kitchen or kitchenette with basic amenities, and one of the buildings has a shared kitchen.



Support for artists and other creatives from Ukraine

Considering current political situation and Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, VV Foundation has decided to support artists and other creatives from Ukraine, offering PAiR residency space.

We strongly believe that this is the time to support Ukraine citizens in any possible way and exactly this is why we are inviting Ukrainian creatives to live and create in a supportive community in Pāvilosta. We will be able host up to 4 artists in March and 4 artists in April.

The PAiR residency offers a studio, living space, access to library and gallery, we will provide administrative support and, if necessary, materials, tools and research resources. The PAiR residency will cover travel costs to and from Pāvilosta, as well as accommodation. VV Foundation will also help with relocation, legal matters and all the related costs.

To apply please send CV and portfolio to



Accommodation at NAC for persons in need

Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts on the Curonian Spit in Lithuania has space to host art institutional teams from Ukraine, artists and culture professionals with their families as well as full study courses with students to live and potentially continue conducting work and studies.

Reach out to


OPEN CALL! Emergency residency program in Lithuania for Ukrainian artists and families from the war zone.

As an emergency, we can host until three artists with their families for one month (between May – August) for free. Menu zona Residency are creative spaces in Klaipeda and Nida (Lithuania) dedicated to the experimentation, research, and dissemination of artistic practices in which both local and international artists come together.Ongoing call (until 17.04.2022)


  • Free accommodation;
  • Free food, transportation, materials;

Artist fee not provided (at the moment)

How to apply: to apply please send CV and portfolio by email to

Include info if you have a partner/kids with you.

Extra information: We are looking for possibilities to find financial help for food and materials costs and artist fees. Donations for food, materials costs and artist fees are accepted.

If you can collaborate please send us an email:




We offer residencies at the Institute of Design Kielce for designers and curators from Ukraine. We provide accommodation and salary.

Start date: to discuss

Duration:  1 month with possibility to extend

Job and institution description: The main focus of our Institute is design. We create exhibitions and objects, conduct research and organize workshops. We have well-equipped ceramic, glass and textile studios as well as woodshop. 

How to apply: 

Send an email on with a short introduction of yourself and type of work you do. Please attach portfolio or CV if you have any, that would help us understand what kind of project you are interested in.

Submission deadline: 20th of March. 

More information:

Sokołowsko Laboratorium Kultury: practice for Ukrainian

We accept young people from Ukraine up to 30 years old for the internship in Sokolow.

We offer 4 internships including accommodation and salary from now on.


Three-month-long paid internships

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw has redirected its resources to provide humanitarian aid to people fleeing the war in Ukraine. At the moment their facilities are used as a sorting office for medical aid, which is shipped directly to a hospital in Ukraine.

The Museum has launched three-month-long paid internships for 15 Ukrainian refugees. Together with their Ukrainian partners in Warsaw, they are transforming our facilities at 3 Pańska Street into a cultural and integration centre for refugees fleeing the war. In a partnership with major humanitarian aid and pro-migrant NGO, Fundacja Ocalenie, the Museum will host an auction of artworks with all the proceeds to support refugees

How to Apply: Contact the Museum on their website.



Staromiejski Dom Kultury and the City of Warsaw announce a scholarship programme for women artists in danger.

One-time intervention scholarships of up to PLN 5,000 will be paid to female and male artists who have been forced to leave Ukraine as a result of the war caused by Russia.

The regulations and application form can be found at

Any questions can be sent to the e-mail address



Romanian Solidarity Action for Ukrainian Artists

Supported by the Association of Romanian Contemporary Art Galleries

Considering all the recent political events, now as never before we must unite against Russian aggression and remain strongly committed to supporting Ukraine. We consider that the best we can do from abroad for Ukrainian local art scene is to create opportunities for artists and practitioners to live and work in safe places, in a caring and supportive community.

We are inviting artists in the areas of the visual and performing arts, film-making, research, sound or any other disciplines to be part of this programme that will take place in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara starting today, February 24.

We will provide accommodation and financial support during the stay.

Each artist will be supported according to their individual needs. There will be no formal obligations, but we are happy to support your artistic practice in any possible way.

Due to this state of emergency, please only send us your interest to:



Funded Emergency Residency

We are looking for ways to support Ukrainian arts professionals. We therefore offer a funded emergency residency of 3 months to an Ukrainian curator, curator collective, or a curator/artist duo, who are displaced or who are fleeing the war. Up to 4 persons are welcome in our residency work/live studio of 100m2 in the city of Tilburg, which is located in the South of the Netherlands near the Belgium border.

We provide sustenance, accommodation and curatorial and artistic practice support. Unfortunately due to the open character of the stairs and the overlooking balcony, the live work studio it’s not safe for children under 8. The studio has private bathroom facilities and a kitchenette.

Our priority is to respond to the urgent need for shelter and support. Please contact us here with your request.

Support and Solidarity

SEA Foundation wishes to express support and solidarity for Ukraine and Ukrainians in this devastating time. We condemn the Russian government’s invasion of the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

We acknowledge that the individuals are not responsible for the horrific acts of the Russian regime, but choose to suspend all programmes that include organizations or individuals based in Russia. We will also lay aside applications from Russin nationals for residencies in response to the Open Calls. We wish strength, peace and hope for Ukraine and send our heartfelt thoughts to all Ukrainians.

Dates: 21.03 – 21.06. 2022

We offer a funded emergency residency for Ukrainian cultural workers, curator collective, curator duo or artist/curator duo




This list “Emergency Temporary Relocation Resources for artists and cultural workers” is being compiled by ARTISTS at RISK (AR), a non-profit network institution at the intersection of human rights and the arts.

The list is being updated and is not exhaustive. Please send updates and information that may be useful to

For full list of humanitarian resources for Ukrainian refugees please see here. 

More information:

The Prince Claus Fund in solidarity with Ukraine

The Prince Claus Fund extends its solidarity with Ukraine and deplores the violence of the Russian Government against the Ukrainian people. Together with our global network, we stand with our Ukrainian partners, friends, Awardees and all the victims of the war. The Prince Claus Fund supports artists and cultural practitioners who work towards a more inclusive future, based on human values of trust and respect, where there is no space for the racism, hate, the enormous suffering and cost to human life that such violence brings.

We are concerned over the illegal destruction of all forms of cultural heritage in the ongoing military operations and urge full respect for international humanitarian law. Our Cultural Emergency Response programme is on standby to offer expert advice and first aid to cultural heritage that has been damaged or is under threat. Requests for assistance to protect heritage can be sent to, or you can simply reach us via our social media channels.

In addition, the Prince Claus Fund Network Partner VCRC/Kyiv Biennial has launched an emergency support initiative for the cultural community of Ukraine in need. The initiatives’ main goal is to help people who stayed in Ukraine and to provide them with immediate financial support for their basic needs. If you are either in need of help or want to contribute to this effort you can contact the VCRC team via email and through their Facebook or Instagram.


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