Celebration of Polish Design. One-of-a-kind Fair in Katowice.

Targi Jedyne w Swoim Rodzaju (One-of-a-kind Fair) is an event devoted to the idea of ​​popularising Polish craftsmanship. The premiere edition of the fair will take place at the MCK in Katowice. Between 16 – 17 October, guests will have the opportunity to learn about unique items and connect with their creators from fields such as handmade, natural cosmetics, ceramics, jewellery, fashion, zero waste, plants, fragrances, and objects for objects home and children sector. The event will also feature a workshop area and interesting panels during which the designers will talk about their work.

 In the organizers’ words: 

Our goal is to popularise Polish craftsmanship […]. We want to show that there are people behind these items. People with a great passion for what they.”

We selected 5 of the finest designs to inspire you…


Six years ago Agata Suliga started making natural cosmetics for herself and her family. It wasn’t long until she realised there is a general need for cosmetics that do not contain chemical ingredients. That is how Opcja Natura was created. The brand offers peelings, soaps, shampoos and more. Most of their cosmetics are vegan.


The idea behind Mito Sito is to take art to the streets. Their designs combine love for art and streetwear. Their passion for fashion and art goes hand in hand with Mito Sito’s love for the planet Earth. That is why they only make clothes using second-hand textiles or new ones that have been granted GOTS, Vegan and Fair Trade certificates. Mito Sito can be found in SWEX – streetwear expo section of the Fairs.


Figaj – wood workshop creates wooden mosaics and furniture, getting any space they’re put in closer to nature. This might be because they contain many references to forests and the elements. Basia – Workshop’s founder – creates her mosaics by hand with a surgeon-like precision. 


Cyanotype is the main form of Oskar Ślazyk’s artistic expression, however he also creates acrylic paintings and photographs. In his work Ślazyk often chooses floristic patterns and navy blue backgrounds creating his unique style. Oskar Ślazyk will be a part of C-Art Days – Fairs’ special art section.


Minimalistic, simple jewellery made with attention to every detail. La Tienne offers silver and golden necklaces, earrings, bracelets, ear cuffs and rings. Apart from using silver and gold, La Tienne also creates its artful jewellery using pearls and gemstones.

Two events will accompany the fair:

SWEX – streetwear expo, an expo of streetwear brands, where designers and creators of streetwear will appear.

C-Art Days – an event bringing together visual artists and art lovers from all over Poland.

Targi Jedyne w Swoim Rodzaju

 16th-17th October 2021, MCK Katowice

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