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the Maria Dokowicz Competition for the best UAP diploma project

41st i 42nd edition

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie
November 07,2022 - November 11,2022

November 7, 2022 November 11, 2022

The aim of the project is to select the best student master’s degrees in arts and design, created at UAP in the academic year 2020/21 and 2021/22 during the competition exhibition. Due to the large representation at UAP of the cultivated fields in the discipline of fine arts and conservation of works of art (from animation, architecture, to photography, scenery and design), the exhibition is an important and interesting voice of young artists and designers in the never-ending conversation about artistic culture. The diversity of the presented works is always of great interest to the inhabitants of Poznan and everyone interested in visual culture. Art and business representatives are invited to participate as partners and sponsors of additional prizes. Thanks to this, the activity conducted at art academies in Poland creates and binds associations of various industries, which contributes to greater awareness of the role of art in our society and, above all, enables greater participation of artists in the construction and creation of various areas of social life.

This year’s 41st and 42nd edition of the event in the form of a competition exhibition (the 41st should take place in 2021, but due to the pandemic, the competition was not held for two years. In March this year, we managed to organize the 40th edition of 2020), it will be organized in the area of the Spire Pavilion at MTP (pavilion No. 11) – the exhibition hall of the Poznan International Fair, located on the fair grounds in Poznan, from the side of the Dworcowy Bridge. It is one of the most recognizable symbols of MTP and Poznan.

The main exhibition will be complemented by a presentation of the work of prof. Anna Tyczyńska (running the 2nd Interdisciplinary Drawing Studio at the Faculty of Artistic Education and Curatorial Studies at the University of Arts) at the Rotunda UAP Gallery (located at the university) – the winner of the Dokowicz competition in 1991.