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Art and Nature Reimagined

New Dance Theater Festival in Warsaw

February 29,2024 - March 04,2024
Photo: Asen Tonev

February 29 March 4

The Artistic Association Po:ruszeni invites all dance enthusiasts to the b•move•d Warsaw Dance Festival, which will take place in Warsaw from February 29 to March 4, 2024. The program includes a showcase of dance theater performances from both national and international artists, meetings with creators, dance workshops, and a competition for small choreographic forms. Topics such as art and science, human relationships with nature, and mental health will be explored by artists in dialogue with the festival audience.

The event will kick off with the premiere performance of the play “Garden of Delights” by B.Sides Dance Company, choreographed by Paweł Michno. In the following days, artists from Poland and Italy will perform at the Garnizon Sztuki and Teatr WAM in Warsaw, addressing themes such as human-nature relationships, fascination with other cultures, the intersection of art and science, and the exploration of mental health issues. Wojciech Furman will present a highly personal dance interpretation of the latter in his performance “Just Three More Times.”

The b•move•d Warsaw Dance Festival program caters not only to dance enthusiasts but also to professionals in the field. Workshops on contemporary dance will be led by, among others, Felix Arjona (Spain) and Pablo Girolami (Italy), creating a space for the exchange of experiences and the exploration of diverse, including culturally diverse, styles.

For the younger generation of creators seeking inspiration and opportunities to showcase their work, there is a competition for small choreographic forms called “Rhythms of Nature.”

The festival will conclude with an evening featuring the Italian dance theater IVONA Dance Company, presenting the performances “Manbuhsa” and “RER,” choreographed by Pablo Girolami.

“We invite everyone – regardless of age or experience – who feels a connection to dance and nature,” says Paweł Michno, the initiator and artistic director of the festival. He adds that the event will also be family-friendly.

“We hope that the b•move•d Warsaw Dance Festival will permanently become a part of the city’s artistic calendar, evolving into an intergenerational and intercultural platform for meetings, experiments, and inspiration,” adds Adrianna Michno, co-founder of the Po:ruszeni association.

Ticket sales for festival events have already begun and will continue until all seats are filled. Tickets can be purchased through the websites www.bmovedfestival.com and Kicket. The current program, links to ticket sales, as well as information about the competition and workshop schedule, will be available on the websites www.bmovedfestival.com and www.poruszeni.com. The performance venues are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Locations: Garnizon Sztuki and Teatr WAM w Warszawie


The Artistic Association Po:ruszeni was established in 2021 on the initiative of Paweł and Adrianna Michno, bringing together dancers, choreographers, and artists from various artistic disciplines. In line with its mission, the association supports young generation artists (both professionals and amateurs) and works towards promoting Polish culture and art domestically and internationally. The association collaborates with similar institutions and organizations, aiming – through cultural and artistic exchanges – to create lasting and sustainable relationships between individuals and communities.

The association’s team engages in educational, cultural, and developmental activities, including the initiation and implementation of projects such as:

  • National Competition for Small Choreographic Forms Po:ruszeni (Bielańskie Centrum Edukacji Kulturalnej in Warsaw)
  • National Workshops of Contemporary Dance (Bielańskie Centrum Edukacji Kulturalnej in Warsaw)
  • The play “Judas” (Teatr Syrena in Warsaw)
  • S.O.S. Save Our Souls, in partnership with Low Air Dance Company from Vilnius
  • The Rhythm of Nature, in partnership with Agencia de Instituciones Culturales from Seville and ACD Agency for Cultural Diplomacy from Vienna.

Honorary Patronage:

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The “Rhythms of Nature” competition is under the patronage of the Mayor of the Śródmieście District in the city of Warsaw. The competition is co-financed with EU funds.