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international project carried out in Poland, Ukraine and Armenia


August 15,2021 - October 15,2021

August 15, 2021 October 15, 2021

ARTIFAKE (Art Invades Fakes) is a transnational project, which aims to promote media literacy and critical thinking in Ukraine, Poland and Armenia by exploring propaganda through transnational street art.

Post-truth, fake news, disinformation and media manipulation are just some of the terms used to describe what is essentially propaganda – information, especially biased or misleading, used to pursue political goals or promote a specific point of view. Thanks to digital technology, propaganda and disinformation have gone global, but its influence is most destructive in fragile contexts – conflict and post-conflict states.

Ukraine and Armenia, as transitional states, follow a similar path, and fall under direct fire of Russian propaganda through their shared post-Soviet mentality and common Russian-language media space – and Poland shares their Eastern bloc past and concerns with Russian influence in the region. Thus, the partners would like to propose an exploration of propaganda rooted in art.

ART INVADES PROPAGANDA – artistic realizations in Poland:


Liliana Zeic (Piskorska) | 04.10-10.10

Paweł Kulczyński | 01.09-15.10

Alicja Patanowska i Marcin Sawińśki | TBA