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Teresa Tyszkiewicz

"Aseret" exhibition

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September 29,2022 - December 03,2022
Teresa Tyszkiewicz, Grain, 1979, rice, oat, acrylic and oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm

September 29, 2022 December 3, 2022

The exhibition by the late artist offers a glimpse into her work from the 1980s, a key part of her oeuvre in which she gave expression to a woman’s experience of the world in an intuitive, extremely bold, and yet sensual way. Her emotional and intuitive art, based on psychophysical experience and often even ecstatic, was realised in the union of the body with the substantial realness of the surroundings and nature.

The artist’s interest in unconventional materials is shown in her early, unknown paintings, in which she experimented with grains, cords, wooden elements, pins, wires, and fabrics. Images that were painted, welded, pierced with pins, carved with an axe – extremely expressive works – combine the fleshy organic material, tangled fabrics, and solidified paint with the almost physically perceptible sharpness of metal pins and wires. The artist’s works, made from matter that demands touch, demonstrate the pioneering role of her sensual art in taking the audience’s experience beyond visual perception. These paintings are referenced by the exhibition’s title, ASERET – an anagram of the artist’s name, which she used to title a series of large-scale, vibrant canvases in the 1980s. 

The films, paintings, photographs, spatial works, and drawings created in this decade are linked by the way in which they are rooted in the world in the relationship between body and matter, despite the diversity of media and technology. The transgressive and emancipatory potential of art fuelled by material imagination, practices and rituals that emerged from seeing, movement and touch. 

The exhibition shows her work in an interweaving of her biography, artistic experiences, and cultural narratives with which she engaged in dialogue. Art that goes draws on very intimate experiences and at the same time alludes to archetypal meanings, having its origins in a radically subjective imagination that placed her actions outside contemporary artistic trends.

The exhibition is accompanied by screenings of the artist’s films from the 1980s and the promotion of a comprehensive publication presenting her work from the late 1970s until her death in 2020. 

Project co-financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and ZAiKS, presented as part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2022.


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