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Berlin: Magdalena Andrynowska, Katarzyna Wasowska

October 14, 2016 - October 30, 2016

Forest on a comet

Magdalena Andrynowska, Katarzyna Wasowska

Forest on a Comet brings together two artists and two attitudes toward the notion of space, home and mobility. Trees and a comet – mapping the space with photographs in different forms and contexts.

Comet represents dynamics and movement, but also a threat of destabilization, the unknown, distant, intangible. For Katarzyna Wasowska home is a feeling, a relation, a phenomenon that we carry with us during our constant migrations. Journey has always been a key notion in Wasowska’s works. Mobility is in her genes; the men in her family have always been sailors. Forest, or rather trees, in contrast, represent stabilization, comfort, safety: a place. Trees experience time and space in a unique way. Magdalena Andrynowska analyzes, organizes and re-organizes the space nearest to her and focuses on trees as bearers of past and future, unique links with nature and culture.

Formally the exhibition will be a dialogue between traditional large-format photographs, photographs forming narratives in books, experiments with organic images made of tree extracts, mental and graphic maps, projections and installations.