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Bulvary Art Week


June 20,2024 - June 27,2024

June 20 June 27

We would like to invite you to the first edition of a cyclical artistic event dedicated to the visual arts, organised by Bulvary – a new a new multifunctional gastronomic, service and cultural space, located on the ground floor of a residential building between the Pomeranian Bridges, 500 metres from the Wrocław’s Market Square.


Artists: Krzyś Bykowski, Wiktor Gałka, Sonia Górecka, Julia Krzywińska, Klaudia Kasperska, Agata Lankamer, Adam Martyniak, Michał Matejko, Michał Myszkowski, Ola Nenko, Bartosz Radzikowski, Marianna Rodziewicz, Jędrzej Sierpinski, Andrzej Staniek, C. G. Wabia, Klara Woźniak.

Local optima – an issue in the field of machine learning and neural networks – refers to the situation in which the best solution to a problem found from a limited amount of data turns out to be false, not as a result of an error in the computational method, but only after the dataset has been updated with new information.

Touching on themes of the increasing digitalisation of life, transhumanist and post-internet motifs, the exhibition Local Optima tells the story of how our ideas about the future can turn out to be completely wrong, even though they seem completely inevitable; the ideas of flying cars or teleportation as an example, the bleeding edge of futurological thought of the 20th century, in 2024 make us smile indulgently at best.

Connected by the pulsating web of the internet, we obsessively document everything, we have access to almost every piece of information, and a chat gpt is slowly beginning to pour into the cracks between the existing data. However, it is impossible for us to ever be able to predict the future 100 per cent, because our perception is always limited to events that have happened in the past or are still happening. However, developments in technology, including bioengineering and artificial intelligence, give us the sense that there may be a moment soon when we can stop guessing once and for all.

However, in spite of our constant and sincere efforts, it may turn out that even our most likely and rationally supported scenarios of future utopias or catastrophes may turn out to be just another local optimum. Until the future arrives, all that remains is for us to document every version of it.

Made in Photo – creative, staging and inter-media features of photo-media productions

Artists: Julia Borowiecka, Wiktoria Didoszak, Weronika Dyrka, Daria Elwart, Daria Gracz Szanerska, Angelika Iżykowska, Dominik Kozok, Ida Kwaśnica, Wiktoria Lorek, Julia Łuńska, Marcin Masiewicz, Jakub Musialski, Małgorzata Muszyńska, Agata Plecety, Oksana Popiela, Wiktoria Puławska, Wojciech Puławski, Laura Ryś, Ekaterina Shramko, Kamila Skrzynecka, Krzysztof Sobotka, Urszula Sowińska, Magdalena Szetelnicka, Tomasz Wszołek, Katarzyna Zachtej, Łukasz Zawada

Made in Photo – creative, staging and intermedia characteristics of photomedia realisations is a research project of the Intermedia Photography and Documentary Activities Studio in the Department of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

The issue of photography entangled in the interdependence of various media is of primary importance from the point of view of creative practice in higher artistic education. Nowadays, intermediality is not only an artistic convention in which the artefact functions in a media inter-space (in the sense of Higgins’s definition of media fusion or Youngblood’s definitions of mind/general case and brain/special case), characterised by multi-media and polysensoriality, it is also the referral of one medium to another, the use of their synergistic relationship in building narrative power, expression and expansion of the artefact’s field, it becomes an artistic gesture characterised by artistic and social equivalence. Furthermore, the contemporary user of digital media participates in a world characterised by both a fluid boundary between the real and the virtual, and the culture in which they find themselves is performative.

The result of immersion in such a characterised reality and the search for means to express one’s own artistic concepts in it, is the creation of works that escape easy definition in terms of technique or medium. Most of the works presented as part of the Made in Photo exhibition possess such qualities. The artists involved in the project take up subjects that are important to them, often stemming from personal experience or insightful observation of reality. Each work demonstrates an individual view of the artist, and as a collective undertaking, it is a cross-section of attitudes of the young generation resulting from the clash of their individual sensitivity with the issues of contemporary reality.

The exhibition consists of photo-media projects, performative doc-camera actions, video realisations, photo-objects and interactive installations.

Internal experience

Artist: Łukasz Samotycha

An exhibition by Łukasz Samotyha, a sculpture graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and a 2020 and 2021 scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the exhibition will be an artistic endeavour that invites viewers to reflect on the individual, inner experience of the human being. Luke Samoth’s sculptures, presented as part of the event, are not only an expression of artistic vision, but also a means for the exploration and development of Consciousness. The artist’s oeuvre to date includes over 20 solo exhibitions, music and art performances and concerts in gallery spaces.

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