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"Dialogues – Musical Encounters in Historical Art Studios"

series of micro-concerts

September 01,2023 - September 30,2023

September 1, 2023 September 30, 2023

“Dialogues – Musical Encounters in Historical Art Studios” is a series of micro-concerts in spaces where some of the most important Warsaw artists, including painters, sculptors, fashion designers, and photographers, once created their works. The organisator Warszawskie Towarzystwo Sceniczne –  decided to combine two fields of visual arts and music to show how they can engage in dialogue and influence each other. Their goal was to create intimate, local, and captivating gatherings where not only the performing artists but also the studios’ owners and caretakers, the audience, and, finally, the spaces themselves are the protagonists of these events.

In 2022, during the event’s first edition, they gathered in the studios of Karol Tchorek, Grażyna Hase, the Jarnuszkiewicz Family, Wanda Czełkowska, and the Dłużniewski family.

Each of these meetings consisted of a concert and curatorial guided tours of the studios, hosted by their current caretakers or by the artists who work there. Renowned musicians performed specially crafted programs that corresponded with the chosen artist’s work and the studio’s ambiance. At each concert, an improvised piece inspired by the artist and the studio was presented and performed “here and now.”

Distinguished musicians who participated in these concerts included Mikołaj Trzaska, the Tansman Trio, the Hashtag Ensemble, Maciej Zimka, and Wiesław Ochwat, as well as Maria Sławek and Marcin Zdunik.

The concept of dialogue manifested itself in various ways: through metaphorical conversations between creators from diverse fields realized in the choice of repertoire, through the creation of new compositions closely related to the studios and their artists, and through curatorial tours that introduced the artists’ work, the specifics of their creativity, and the history of the studios. These interdisciplinary encounters allowed us to create a unique musical portrait of the studios while the invited musicians added another layer of interpretation to the artwork found within them. The studios became a new platform for dialogue between various art disciplines, encouraging the invited musicians and audience to deepen their knowledge of contemporary visual art.

“Dialogues…” were nominated in the S3KTOR competition for the best Warsaw non-governmental initiative.

The project was created and curated by violinist Maria Sławek.

In September 2023, we are launching the second season of “Dialogues – Musical Encounters in Historical Art Studios!” Once again, we invite you to our micro-concerts in extraordinary spaces where some of the most significant Warsaw artists created their works. This time, we will meet seven times. The artists who accepted our invitation include Dominik Strycharski, Messages Quartet, Ewa Leszczyńska, Jakub Jakowicz, Maciej Kułakowski, the Mikołaj Trzaska Trio, Mateusz Kowalski, Anna and Krzysztof Firlus, Joanna Freszel, and Łukasz Chrzęszczyk. For more details, follow our social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram).

Tłumacznie Maria Borzobohata-Sawicka