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‘Forms of energy'

Ziemski — Sosnowski — Nowacki

Szokart Gallery
April 01,2023 - May 19,2023
Exhibition view Forms of energy. Ziemski — Sosnowski — Nowacki, SZOKART gallery

April 1, 2023 May 19, 2023

At the root of the creative endeavours of Jan Ziemski, Kajetan Sosnowski, and Andrzej Nowacki lies the need to reduce and concentrate the means of expression. The pursuit of pure form leads to reflection on the image, whose physicality embodies live energy and activates sensed reception. The works of each of the three artists explore the phenomenon of visuality, question the credibility and unambiguity of the human senses — in an attempt to investigate the mystery of the visible, they balance between an impressionistic and a rational approach.

There is something universal behind the ephemerality of these images — the inconspicuous structure of reality, the truth about the world which the artist uncovers either through intuition, as their internal knowledge, or through intellectual effort. The harmony of geometric forms is the very essence here as it allows one to get to the marrow of things.

Reliefs and images-objects taking the form of matter, freed from depicting the visible world, create new realities, transmit energy, beam with great deal of contemplation, sensations, and emotions.

The works by Sosnowski, Ziemski and Nowacki shown at the exhibition belong to different years and creative periods, thus they exemplify the multithreading of thoughts and experiments of each of the artists. Works by Ziemski and Sosnowski come from the collection of Wojciech Fibak, one of the most important collectors of Polish art, who noticed the importance of their craft many years ago. His collection also includes numerous reliefs by Andrzej Nowacki.

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