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Gerlingen: Karolina Hałatek

September 16, 2016 - October 9, 2016

terminal Karolina Hałatek


among the artists: Karolina Hałatek (“Terminal”)


From 17 September to 9 October, the »Ascents« light art festival will enable visitors to discover flights of steps, vantage points, Stuttgart’s famous »Stäffele« steps, towers and other ascents from a new perspective.

The festival’s curator, Joachim Fleischer, has invited more than 40 artists from 10 different countries to draw inspiration from the many different places of ascent in the region. All these unique installa tions can be viewed every day from 8 pm to 12 midnight in 25 different towns and cities.

Karolina Hałatek -Terminal:

Bright light streams from the tunnel-like immersive installation on Gerlingen’s busy Rathausplatz. With the work “Terminal”, Polish artist Karolina Halatek invites passers-by to take a moment to walk into a dazzling space of bright white light. Encircled by illumination, the visitors are given a chance to step out of what is known and mundane, to a new unexpected dimension of light. Pure structure transforms the perception of time and space and provides an opportunity for the audience to contemplate and focus on their own sense of self. The “Terminal” can be described as a passage, a process, yet a void filled by light.

Born in Poland in 1985, Karolina Halatek uses light as the key medium and material for her installations and videos. She is fascinated by the power of light to convert the objective fixation of visual experience into a pure experience of light. Halatek creates experiential spaces at the interface between the visual, the architectural and the sculptural. She is also interested by some of the methods used by scientists. For example, in her video »Source Test« she uses state-ofthe- art technology to manifest the otherwise invisible discharge between two electrodes. Karolina Halatek studied Design for Performance at the UAL London, Fine Arts at the UdK Berlin and Media Art in Warsaw, and is a scholarship holder at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart.

More information: Lichtkunstfestival