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Hamburg: Antoni Zdebiak, Magda Hueckel

June 6, 2018 - June 15, 2018

Antoni Zdebiak, 1984 (c) J.,D.,E. Zdebiak _ FAF

Antoni Zdebiak, 1984 (c) J.,D.,E. Zdebiak _ FAF


Antoni Zdebiak, Magda Hueckel


Archeology of Photography Foundation presents exhibition during Triennial of Photography in Hamburg between 6th and 15th of June. The exhibition features Polish photographers: Antoni Zdebiak, active in the 80s., and contemporary artist Magda Hueckel. The project focuses on performative photography as a way of self-exploration. The exhibition opens on Wednesday 6th of June at 4 pm at Bismarckstraße 98, Hamburg. Join us also at the meeting with author and curator on Saturday 9th of June, 1.30 pm.

 Antoni Zdebiak and Magda Hueckel document what is invisible and non-material. Although they belong to different generations and their experience varies, their works appears to be astonishingly close. For both of them the source of photography constitutes their personal story and the basic means of processing is their own body. This gesture towards themselves however is not a mere wish to direct attention to their own experience. The power of those photographs lies mostly in the very authentic presentation of individual experience, which goes beyond personal and becomes universal. They both touch the deepest secrets – of death, fear, losing oneself, and enlightenment. Zdebiak’s and Hueckel’s works inscribe into the movement of performative photography. The photographs do not register performance as such, but the act, the process and finally the sequence have a special importance here.

The exhibition is a part of the ‘Living Archives’ project which has been realized by the Archeology of Photography Foundation (FAF) since 2009. This is a method of work which allows to present historical photography together with and in the context of contemporary artists’ works. Archeology of Photography Foundation invites to cooperation those artists whose projects enter a dialogue with works and themes undertaken by the artists whose archives it studies and takes care of. Since 2016 FAF has been conducting a research on Antoni Zdebiak’s archives. The exhibition ‘Self-performance’ presents photographs taken by the artist between 1984 and 1986 and combines them with the works of the contemporary artist Magda Hueckel who – apart from four of her older cycles – also shows the new project directly inspired by Zdebiak’s works.

curated by: Marta Szymańska

The Archeology of Photography Foundation studies, works on, prepares and preserves archives of Polish photographers. Archives are organized, digitalized and made accessible on-line. The Foundation runs a gallery, conducts research projects, publishes photo books and books dedicated to theory and history of photography. Works with contemporary artists and inspires them to approach historical photography in a new way and to look at the contemporary photography through photographic archives.

www.faf.org.pl; www.fotomuzeum.faf.org.pl


 Antoni Zdebiak (1951-1991) A photographer, actor and performer. He worked in the field of photojournalism, but was also involved in commercial, theatre and fashion photography. His artistic life started with experimental theatre. Theatre, movement and the body became one of the most important inspirations and means of expression also in his photography work. Zdebiak is an author of photographs for the album covers of leading Polish bands and musicians, i.a.: Budka Suflera, Republika, Siekiera and Urszula.


Magda Hueckel

Born in 1978. Visual artist, theatre photographer, set designer, traveller. Her work has been exhibited at dozens of exhibitions in Poland and around the world, including Tate Britain in London. She published two books: “‘Anima. Pictures from Africa 2005–2013’” (2013) and ‘HUECKEL/TEATR’ (2015). She has worked on film projects with Tomasz Śliwiński as a scriptwriter and camera operator. Their documentary short film ‘Our Curse’ was nominated for the Oscar Academy Award in 2015, and won prizes at numerous international festivals.


The exhibition is part of Satellite Programme of Triennial of Photography Hamburg.

The exhibition is part of Polish Paradise 2018 – Triennial of Photography Hamburg organized by Foundation of Visual Education, Fotofestiwal Lodz.