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Hamburg: Paul Czerlitzki

February 14, 2020 - May 17, 2020


Artists: Paul Czerlitzki, Mona Ardeleanu, Israel Aten, Paula Baader, Lydia Balke, Cornelia Baltes, Jagoda Bednarsky, Viola Bittl, Peppi Bottrop, Andreas Breunig, Benjamin Dittrich, Jens Einhorn, Jenny Forster, Pius Fox, Max Frintrop, Sabrina Fritsch, Ina Gerken, Fabian Ginsberg, Gregor Gleiwitz, Lukas Glinkowski, Sebastian Gögel, Henriette Grahnert, Dana Greiner, Vivian Greven, Toulu Hassani, Sabrina Haunsperg, Franziska Holstein, Aneta Kajzer, Sumi Kim, Maximilian Kirmse, Li-Wen Kuo, David Lehmann, Benedikt Leonhardt, Florian Meisenberg, Monika Michalko, Hannes Michanek, Simon Modersohn, Bastian Muhr, Anna Nero, Moritz Neuhoff, Vera Palme, Alexander Pröpster, Franziska Reinbothe, Daniel Rossi, Markus Saile, Moritz Schleime, Jana Schröder, Daniel Schubert, Kristina Schuldt, Alicia Viebrock, Stefan Vogel, Jonas Weichsel, Tristan Wilczek.

With the exhibition project Now! Painting In Germany Today the Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Museum Wiesbaden, the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz – Museum Gunzenhauser, have been engaged in an endeavor to determine the current status of the medium painting. The goal has been to present a valid cross section of the painting produced in Germany by young artists, while considering all the forms in which it appears. The Deichtorhallen Hamburg are very pleased, to present ¬ as the fourth venue ¬ a selection of 150 works from this ambitious exhibition project in the north of Germany.

Even before the dawn of Romanticism in the 1800s, painting has been seen as the foremost art form in Germany. A nation of celebrated painters at the close of the 19th century, Germany continues to be a driving force in the art of painting around the world to this day. This museum collaboration shares an ardent commitment to the art of painting presents the next generation of important painters in Germany. The three exhibitions shown simultaneously in the fall/winter of 2019 in Bonn, Chemnitz and Wiesbaden included about 500 works by 53 artists, belonging to the “40-something” generation.

Selected artists are those who are currently advancing painting in the classical sense, as panel painting, or picture on the wall. A list of nearly 200 artists reflecting the diversity and quality of artistic production in Germany was created in a selection process that lasted over a year and took curators into the studios of painters throughout the Republic. The search took place in the classical academy locations, including Leipzig, Dresden, Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin, where outstanding young painters have made their mark.

The first of its kind since German reunification, this exhibition endeavors to provide as comprehensive an overview as possible of contemporary painting in Germany – without content restrictions, but with a focus on classical pictorial traditions and their interrogation. It examines the relevance of this genre in hope of confirming it.

The show will be accompanied by a substantial catalogue available from Hirmer. The publication will include introductory essays well as short texts on each artist and a list of selected works shown at the museums.