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Hestia Artistic Journey Competition

January 12, 2016 - March 27, 2016


Hestia Artistic Journey competition


until 4th of April 2016 – submission of works by post and electronic mail

25th of April 2016 – selection of finalists of the Competition and publication of their names on Competition website

30th of May 2016 – the final exhibition and choosing the winners in Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Pańska street nr 3)



For participants, Hestia Artistic Journey competition marks a special moment of their encounter with non-academic assessment, presentation of themselves and their vision of art to a wide audience. It is also the moment when artists are confronted by professional art critics and the public which seizes this unique opportunity to get a glimpse of what is happening here and now, at Polish art schools and what trends are influencing their students.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single trend or a direction followed by contemporary “young” art. Critics argue that it goes down the classicist and conformist path. What we are seeking for are unorthodox “uncompromising” attitudes with a critical potential. We are seeking for artists who refuse to give in to dominant trends in art and are not falling into the trap of repeatability.

The most auspicious quest will be awarded with an artistic journey to New York and Valencia. The iconic references of the project are the educational journeys taken by young artists centuries ago, not only to explore the world and art. It should be stressed that the concept of reinforcing education underpins our competition. It’s true that we live in the times of global and swift information exchange, but nothing is able to substitute personal experiences. Journeys continue to educate. They are an inspiration, a challenge, a lesson. They provoke, have the potential to bring about changes, offer a new perspective of the obvious and help us notice new things.

In the next edition of the competition, a dream of an artistic journey may become a reality for one of participants.

Competition Jury:
Nathalie Anglès – Curator and art critic, director of Residency Unlimited;
Karen Gunderson – Artist, art lecturer, US;
Magdalena Kąkolewska – prezes Fundacji Artystyczna Podróż Hestii;
Bogna Świątkowska – The President of „Bęc Zmiana” Foundation;
Agnieszka Tarasiuk – Curator at Xawery Dunikowski Sculpture Museum, a branch of the National Museum in Warsaw;
Sebastian Cichocki – Sociologist, curator and art critic;
Jarosław Fliciński – Artist;
dr Josep Santacreu – DKV Seguros, Spain;
Paweł Sosnowski – Critic, curator, Propaganda Foundation and Gallery;
Michał Suchora – Curator, BWA Gallery Warsaw;
Piotr Śliwicki – Chairman, President of Sopockie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń ERGO Hestia SA;

Grupa ERGO Hestia

Fundacja Artystyczna Podróż Hestii

Honorary Patronage
Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

Narodowe Centrum Kultury

Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie

Media Partner
Contemporary Lynx, Magazyn SZUM, Magazyn Zwykłe Życie, Notes na 6 Tygodni, portal Artinfo.pl, portal Rynek i Sztuka