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“How to drive”

Katerina Moschou

Galeria FOTO-GEN
June 28,2024 - September 29,2024

June 28 September 29

In June this year, we invited Katerina Moschou to cooperate with her project “How to drive”, co-published by ZOETROPE ATHENS and awarded a publishing grant by Polycopies & Co. The first, out-of-print edition of the publication was awarded the ArtsLibris Banc Sabadell Award 2023 (Barcelona 2023) and was shortlisted for the PhotoESPANA Best Photography Book Award (Madrid 2023). We will have even greater pleasure to present this summer an exhibition of Katerina’s photographs and sculptures at the FOTO-GEN Gallery.

“How to drive” takes place in Katerina’s father’s car repair shop in central Athens, where she grew up hearing about hard-to-find mechanical parts, the beauty of Italian car bodies and the life stories of their owners. Steeped in the atmosphere of the male-dominated automotive world, it explores a space that until recently was distant from women. She carefully observes the mechanical processes of driving a car, all the ritual activities and nuances accompanying driving a car, carefully observes the movement of her body, noting that the interaction between the body and the environment, as well as the body and parts of the car, creates a kind of choreography.

The entire exhibition space is a recreation of this gesture and is tactile. Photographs and objects also build a system that plays with what is visible and invisible. Lines and shapes make up synthetic sketches of car silhouettes, but the context of corporeality is still present. While driving a car, the person driving repeats a specific sequence of gestures almost unconsciously. Her body is fused with the vehicle’s equipment elements, which determine movements, but are also designed to correspond to the shape of the human figure. The body in the car is inscribed in a small closed space where it performs a rhythmic dance. Moschou translated it into a sequence in a photo book. It was developed in the exhibition space using a slide projector. Its method of operation, repetition and looping of images, and even the sounds it produces bring to mind what is happening in a car. Just like the mixture of specific synthetic fragrances present at the exhibition. All this together reminds us that driving a car is a complex relationship between what is visible, desired and disappearing.

Paweł Bąkowski


Katerina Moschou (b.1991) lives and works in Athens. She moves multidimensionally between sculpture and photography, with printmaking and painting constituting the stable components of her creative process. Her methodology is rooted in the observation of both human-made and natural environments, capturing the intricate web of relationships that unfolds within them.

Her primary focus is on the theme of exclusion — a condition she studies as the negative space systematically sculpted by society. This is the space where everything society pushes to the sidelines ultimately defines its character. Katerina, forges a new connection with the marginal, accentuating its vitality and highlighting the unique functioning of living and non-living entities within. Through her work, she brings to light everyday narratives that often linger in obscurity.

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