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Immersive performance by Estera Tajber

Travel with Estera

Le Windsor Jungle Art Hotel, François Morellet room n°59,<br>3rd floor<br>
December 03,2021 - December 05,2021

December 3, 2021 December 5, 2021

Immersive performance

by Estera Tajber in collaboration with Ludwik Pruszkowski  and Wojciech Golczewski

During the OVNi Festival / 7th edition (From 19 November to 05 December )

An invitation to live a poetic experience through a beautiful, dazzling escape for everyone. I create situations that invite you to take the pause for a moment, the time for a simple, light and amazing sensory experience. I offer you this moment of curiosity, of interiority, and I hope, of joy. Have a good trip!

By Clément Sauvoy 
ALURING The Art Scene

“I was born in Poland at the end of the 70s. In my childhood memories, this period was grey because of the existing uniformity and the scarcity of the most basic goods. My family received parcels from friends in the West that brought us dreams and novelties. This exoticism made me travel beyond the borders, to France or Italy. Multicoloured butterflies would emerge from the greyness. This dream mechanism was firmly anchored in me like an open door to a happiness that was permanently accessible to me,” she recently confided. She adds by way of digression: “Family, professional, couple and consumer models are in the throes of change, provoking a complex quest for meaning. Her site-specific multimedia installations – based on a sensitive literary and choreographic framework in action that frees itself from convention – speak to us of liberation in striking settings. Indeed, Estera Tajber’s poignant artistic approach blends traditional art media and video techniques in its essence. The visitor will appreciate here – at the heart of this exciting group show – her performance called “Travel with Estera” confronting emotions and senses in an unprecedented “out of frame” logic placing experimentation at the heart of a process carried by a raw and total poetry. We particularly like this practice which pushes the spectator to the limit in a subtle escape. But also this tacit marriage between the worlds of sound, fashion, architecture and writing in its most intimate and unfathomable form!

Estera Tajber

Estera Tajber is a Polish artist living in France since 2000. Graduated from the Krakow School of Fine Arts, she developed her taste for performance, multimedia, design, fashion and leather goods at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Her performances and installations have been exhibited at the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Palais de Tokyo and in many cultural institutions.

After a long career in Creation, Estera Tajber now proposes imaginary journeys, immersive experiences allowing a return to primary emotions. Through her staging of audiovisual installations and performances, she reaches a wide audience and creates a more intuitive relationship to art, outside of conventional settings.

The rise of communication platforms and the flood of information and images are destroying simple and authentic human relationships. This is why Estera Tajber invites us to take a break and share a surprising sensory experience, a pure moment of poetry.


Techniques used: multimedia installations, traditional arts (painting, photography, drawing, collage…), combining narrative and choreographic framework (performance).


Ludwik Pruszkowski

Ludwik Pruszkowski began his cinematographic studies at Paris VIII and the Sorbonne before joining the Łódź school in Poland. There he studied 35 mm film and directed several shorts. After his studies, he started working on documentaries and fiction. Today, he works between Paris and Warsaw on international co-productions as Director of Photography. Video art is his territory of experimentation which allows him to mix traditional and contemporary visual expression techniques. Ludwik regularly collaborates with Estera Tajber on shoots, films, installations and performances.

Wojchech Golczewski

Born in 1980, Wojciech Golczewski is a Polish film composer and electronic musician. Golczewski’s musical career began in European demoscene, an artistic subculture where artists showcase their programming and musical skills. After a career as a composer for video games, including PlayStation 3 titles such as Linger in the Shadows and Datura, Golczewski’s first feature film was Eraser Children, an Australian science fiction film. His other credits include the Norwegian thriller Dark Souls, the Icelandic crime thriller City State, the werewolf film Late Phases and the new cult classic We Are Still Here, which was nominated for the Fangoria Chainsaw Award. Beyond The Gates (2017) saw Golczewski earn a 2nd consecutive nomination for the 2017 Fangoria Chainsaw Award – Best Horror Score.

His recent film work includes 400 Days (2017), Mohawk (2017), Hover (2018) and Undergods (2021). Wojciech releases music on Mondo/Death Waltz Recording, Data Airlines and Lakeshore Records. His personal work includes the acclaimed electronica/synth albums Reality Check, The Signal, End of Transmission, and most recently The Priests Of Hiroshima (2019).