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Art Salon Contemporary

INTER-CERED - exhibition

Art Salon Contemporary
November 15,2021 - December 11,2021

November 15, 2021 December 11, 2021

Artists: Michalina Kuczyńska, Anna Rutkowska, Szaweł Płócennik, Łukasz Zbroja, Kaja Wielowiejska, Bożna Wydrowska, Marcin Michalak, Marius Burdek, Mariusz Kosiba, Magda Grzybowska, Ivana Slavikova, Tomasz Piars , Szőke Erika, Palik Eszter, Krnács Ágota, Jan Kummer, Johannes Ulrich Kubiak, Martina Lacová, Szemethy Imre, Christoph Eckelt, Lilla von Puttkammer, Nina Mankin, Juraj Sapara, Batdzsargal Batmönh, Puklus Péter, Kun Cecília, Sánta László, Fürjesi Csaba, dr. Tkacsik Márta, Freund Éva, Péter Szabina, Horváth-Lóczi Judit, Németh Pál, Bodnár Vajda Dávid, Bolcsó Bálint, Tóth Kinga, Freund Éva, Péter Szabina, Bodnár János Kristóf, Vigh Krisztina, Verebics Ágnes, Jozef Suchoža, Kaspár Gyöngyvér, Yui Akiyama, Remigija Vaitkutė

Partners: Galeria Promocyjna – Warsaw Old Town Culture Center

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The Artcolony Cered is a contemporary international symposium, which has a prestigious past and has been operating for 26 years. It’s a kind of art scene based on a personal presence, also one of the European artists’ colonies where creative work takes place according to different themes every year. The invited artists create works based on their observations, specifically related to Cered village. The defining inspiration of the projects is the isolation, peripheral position, integrity and marked visual and material environment of the settlement. Collaborative participation in the life of a living community and socially engaged art has become increasingly frequent in Artcolony’s 26-year evolving existence. The Artcolony is a meeting place for Hungarian and foreign artists, and due to its regional location, it can also be a key international arena for artists from the V4 member states. The Polish presence at the symposium has also been continuous for years, thanks to the collaboration of Galeria Promocyjna in Warsaw. The cultural program series and exhibitions to be held in Budapest, focusing on Polish artists, presents the results of the close Polish-Hungarian relationship established at the Artcolony, all with the support of the Wacław Felczak Foundation. At the exhibitions held in special locations, you can see a selection of the works which also presents the special, school-creating spirit of this artist colony.

Art Salon Contemporary – https://www.facebook.com/artsaloncontemporary

Art Salon Contemporary is the studio apartment of Budapest based artist Tomasz Piars. Besides the atelier there is also exhibition space. The attempt is to create a unique place similar to cultural salons from the last century where contemporary art is in focus. Place enables people to hold cultural events like small exhibitions, art book presentations, and artist talks. Some kind of place that unites people and lets them exchange ideas. 


Visit only by an appointment.
Budapest, 1081
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