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Iza Opiełka and Miłosz Flis

"SE99ZY" exhibition

Krupa Gallery
October 06,2023 - November 25,2023

October 6, 2023 November 25, 2023

Iza Opiełka and Miłosz Flis venture together to explore the body of the future. Drawing on futurist visions of the world as if taken straight from Cronenberg’s films, they weave trans-humanist scenarios. Starting from the notion of the “valley of the uncanny,” the artists create works balancing on the verge of aesthetic awe and repulsion. Their close and constant dialogue penetrates the deformations and analogies of corporeality in the context of its relationship with technology and the contemporary ecosystem as such. The title is a blend of the words “existence” and “sex.” The digits represent something artificial, triggering associations with the increasing mathematisation of human reality. Se99zy is based on the contrast and duality of the repulsive and the soothingly harmonious, like the inside of the human body. 

Human evolution has failed to keep up with mankind’s newest creations, leading to a situation when our bodies are no longer adapted to the immeasurably rapid technological advances and the speed of life. As a result of this overstimulation, in an attempt to adapt and improve our performance, we demand more of ourselves than we can get. Impatient with our slow adaptation, we invent tools to support our physical capabilities. Noting these changes, Opiełka creates paintings inspired by modern ergonomic design, which, being so close to the human skin, blends with it and thus blurs the boundaries between object and body. Flis, on the other hand, makes sculptural forms referring to the imagery of primordial single-celled organisms whose ambiguity evokes more associations than it appears at first glance. The result is a simultaneous dialogue in which history cyclically recurs, where future and past meet on biomorphic surfaces.

The works by Opiełka and Flis will be accompanied by a soundscape created by digital mental data and kaliente ilich, and later in November, we invite you to a performance by Bad Form Custom.


pl. Konstytucji 6
Warsaw, 00-550
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