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"Justyna Grodecka: Chronic Rage Disorder"


Galeria Pod Okiem
May 14,2022 - May 27,2022

May 14 May 27

The exhibition titled “Justyna Grodecka: Chronic Rage Disorder” opens on the Warsaw’s Night of Museums 2022 (14th May 2022, 20:00). The exhibition shows artworks the artist created in past few years. Some of them will be presented for the first time. Justyna Grodecka deals with autobiographical and social themes in her artistic practice and refers to, as she says, „the three real branches of government, which are resentment, patriarchy and superstition”.

The project is co-financed by the Masovian Voivodeship Self-government as a part of a scholarship for outstanding artistic achievements. In the project, Justyna Grodecka refers to the issue of dealing with aggression, which increases as a result of the rebellion against external factors, which is chronic, never lets go and ultimately one has to learn to live with it. “’Chronic Rage DisorderI diagnosed myself and I do not need to go to a specialist, stop f* asking!!” – Justyna Grodecka explains the title.

The exhibition is supported by: Contemporary Lynx Magazine, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Pmka, Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty.

Justyna Grodecka – b. 1998 in Warsaw, Poland. A holder of numerous scholarships includingthose granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for outstanding achievements,Poland; granted by the Marshal of the Masovian Voivodeship; granted by the Rector for the beststudents of The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. A student at the ASP in Warsaw, Poland and at theAdBK Munich, Germany. In 2021, her oil paintings from ‘Obraz Pokolenia Z’ (The Depiction ofGeneration Z) series formed the social campaign ‘Obraz Pokolenia Z’ by Zalando. Her works werepresented on large-format murals and posters all over Poland, as well as on videos on the Internetand city screens. Justyna Grodecka’s paintings were awarded in the prestigious “KTR” (Ad creatorsclub) competition. She has performed many times in the radio, press, podcasts and television duringher various artistic activities.

ul. Grójecka 79
Warszawa, 02-094
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