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Loop Barcelona

Karolina Breguła ,,Dust"

Casa Milà
November 16,2021 - November 23,2021

November 16, 2021 November 23, 2021

Dust is a story about two women living in a building earmarked for demolition. The protagonists are the last inhabitants of the house. They are waiting for eviction while watching the jackhammers already working outside their window, destroying the neighbourhood. The project was made in collaboration with Ai-Yun Huang and Xiang-Ping Zhou, residents of a suburban district of the city waiting for demolition. The first two films were shot in central Taipei, in a building undergoing deconstruction. Another two films are a true conversation between Ms Zhou and Ms Huang who speak about their situation. The fifth film is an image of the deconstruction of the house where the project was shot.



Since 2003, LOOP Fair has been the first in its field exclusively dedicated to the discovery, promotion and acquisition of contemporary video art works.

LOOP Fair strives to re-examine traditional art fair models and methods of presentation by taking into account both the changing attitudes of viewing and interacting with art, and the particularities of moving image practices. LOOP offers a unique viewing experience by presenting each film project in a room of a hotel, thus creating a setting that both focuses on the artists’ work and facilitates the particular attention required by this medium.

LOOP creates a community among those in the concomitant fields of contemporary art and cinema, and establishes an occasion to promote and discuss artists’ video and film with a specialized audience.

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