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Book launch

“Take a look at your plate”

Launch of the Kitchen Conversations Cookbook

SMartDE, agitPolska
December 03,2022 - December 03,2022

December 3, 2022 @ 6:00 pm 11:00 pm

agitPolska and SMartDe are very pleased to present the newly published Kitchen Conversations Cookbook: Homey Recipes from Artists, from the Polish artist and PolMotion 2022 participant Patrycja Rozwora, published by Contemporary LYNX Publishing. The book launch will be accompanied by performative readings, discussions, and culinary tastes from Eastern and Central Europe.

Gathered around a large communal table the audience is invited to explore the process of creating the cookbook and to understand its socio-historical context. Through a performative reading by the author, the group will examine food and ideology in the Polish People’s Republic through a feminist and post-socialist lens based on the work of Monika Milewska, Slepa Kuchnia. Jedzenie i ideologia w PRL (Eng. Blind Kitchen. Food and Ideology in socialistic Poland). With reference to the recent example of how the Polish ‘pierogi ruskie’ was renamed and its origin contextualised after Russia’s full scale war on Ukraine, voice will be given additionally to 2-3 visual and performance artists, who will share their artistic and activist practices in relation to food and eating. We want to speak about the power of communal cooking and the sharing and tasting food as ways of decolonizing the mind. Staying in the spirit of the event’s theme, guests of the event will be welcomed with a warm homemade meal and a cold beverage, which will accompany them though the discussions.

*Kitchen Conversations is a podcast platform, created by Patrycja Rozwora, to discuss contemporary art within the broad socio-political context of Eastern Europe. Recipes for the cookbook were gathered between June 2020 and November 2021, from seventeen artists representing different post-Soviet regions. 

Date: 03.12.22

Location: Wilhelmstraße 150, 10963 Berlin / SMartDE, agitPolska

Time: 18h-23h

The book launch is organised in the framework of PolMotion (agitPolska e.V.), and realised with the support of the Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung, SMartDe, agitPolska e.V.

Coordinator of PolMotion 2022: Berenika Partum
Mentee: Patrycja Rozwora, Mentor: Kate Nowak

Wilhelmstraße 150
Berlin, 10963
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