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"Other Edges of the World"


September 14,2023 - November 09,2023
Other Edges of the World, MeetFactory Gallery, photo by Mária Karláková

September 14, 2023 November 9, 2023

Artists: Kateryna Aliinyk (UA/DE), Ghazaleh Avarzamani (IR/CA), Eva Ďurovec (SK/DE), Darja Lukjanenko (UA/CZ), Mina Nasr (EG), Jura Shust (BY/DE)

The exhibition Other Edges of the World explores the potential of margins, edges, and borders in various contexts and meanings. How can peripheries communicate without relying on the center? What unknown lies beyond the edge? Is there a periphery to every periphery? 

By emphasizing the in-betweenness and constant transition, we are not searching for answers on how to live in this time of multiple crises, rather we are suggesting ways to embrace this uncertainty and examine its potential. Moving beyond center-periphery dichotomy, entering the ever-changing field, we propose to focus on exile and displacement both on a tangible and imaginative level. 

This exhibition has been prepared for more than four years and went through a lot of changes. The constant adaptation actually formed the project as we have moved away from a concrete curatorial idea and decided to focus more on artistic positions addressing the complexity of the fluid present through the metaphors of border, displacement and transition. 

Therefore, we would like to encourage you to explore historical dilemmas and present geopolitical struggles captured in the selection of artworks. The borders we are referring to are ready to be redrawn, and the timelines we operate within, rethought. By looking up into the sky above us and digging deep down underneath, you are invited to imagine possible futures and reinvent rituals in relation to each other and to nature. 

To reveal the stories behind the artworks, you need to be aware of every step and recognize different paths: from the underground images of crops growing in chernozem (Aliinyk), to the extraterrestrial territories (Lukjanenko), from the searching for the unknown people in unknown land (Nasr), to the world of Slavic rituals (Shust), and further along the storyline of the development of the capitalist system (Ďurovec), towards the hierarchies of seeing and perceiving (Avarzmani).

The exhibition is complemented by an accompanying events program with a special focus on the relationship between Eastern Europe and Middle East.

The exhibition is part of the Other Edges of the World project which delineates the way for a journey from the so-called peripheries toward the so-called centers, starting from the stereotypical understanding of what is rural, forgotten, and underrepresented and deconstruct the destination point of this trip. It is our task to articulate a world that is going to be open toward climate challenges and ready to fight imperialistic, nationalistic, and anti-democratic tendencies.


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