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Pont-Scorff: Tatiana Wolska

June 30, 2019 - September 15, 2019

Landscape of Forms exhibition


Artists: Tatiana Wolska, Athina Ioannou

The question of landscape is at the heart of our society’s concerns. Invited as curator of the “Landscape of Forms” exhibition in Pont-Scorff, the 21st edition of “L’art Chemin Faisant”, Yolande De Bontridder wanted to give to eleven contemporary artists from different backgrounds the opportunity to share their unique perspective on the links between man and his natural environment. She invited them to invest the rich historical, architectural and environmental heritage of Pont-Scorff – landscapes, old houses, churches or manor houses – to revisit these places in the most diverse forms, realistic, poetic, imaginary, mental, symbolic or societal.

Thus, Marion Beernaerts will highlight the underground in the woods. Tatiana Wolska will build and deploy “socio-sculptures” in the gardens of the manor, opportunities to meditate or share vegetable garden products at the inauguration. Pauline Brun’s sound performances will resonate with it. At the Atelier d’Estienne, the colourful dreams of Tinka Pitoors’; ceramics will be confronted with Benoit Platéus’; equally colourful cans in the basement. In the Pink room, Hans op de Beeck’s video will bring out and extinguish strange parallel worlds. Finally, the installations of Caroline Le Méhauté, Benoit Maire, Athina Ioannou and Oriol Vilanova will appeal to our imagination, as many reflexive stops in this poetic stroll from one place to another in Pont-Scorff.