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Rome: Jakub Woynarowski

September 20, 2017 - November 18, 2017

Silently close are some particles exhibition



Artists: Jakub Woynarowski, Silvia Camporesi, Letizia Cariello


Many of the events that happen in the course of time remain on the threshold of indifference or lack of awareness: environmental changes, small revolutions, reversals of social stability, broken relationships, landscapes modified in their natural and urban order, wandering populations that re-draft geographies.
The world moves despite us, leaving everyday traces of these subtle changes, the ones that French philosopher François Jullien defined as silent transformations, following ancient Chinese thinking. Facing major events and their global impact, the world openly produces before us deep transformations shaping the meaning of life, its mysteries, magic and darkness.

Art has always enjoyed the privilege of intercepting the silent particles of these movements, under the threshold of the visible and the perceptible: It is especially today that artists, facing the hypertrophy of the rational and the over-presence of the digital world, turn back to see, with big insight, the existence of apparently inexplicable phenomena, like small magic nobody pays attention to anymore, mysteries repeated over time, showing how individual and collective events are variations of the same nature.

Letizia Cariello, Silvia Camporesi e Jakub Woynarowski are the three artists invited to put flesh and essence to these silent particles.
The developing of an event over time, in the background of history, is the common starting point of their research.
Letizia Cariello gives shape to the inner time through writing, following the time of the conventional calendar in a sort of Western mantra offering the possibility to see the life time through novel ways; Silvia Camporesi uses the objectifying gaze of photography to give shape to inexplicable phenomena, unresolved enigmas or humanity’s dreams, revealing the mysterious and sometimes disturbing gradient seemingly advancing events through time; Jakub Woynarowski identifies some visual outlines recurring in the culture of the past that also impact on the present, symbols and codes that appear below the surface, invented to produce alternative, mysterious and hidden discourses.

Silently close are some particles is an exhibition in partnership with the Polish Institute in Rome.