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"TAK TAK" group show

artist run gallery

April 29,2022 - April 29,2022

April 29 @ 6:00 pm 11:30 pm

ARTISTS:  Angelina Mass (Belarus/Germany), Agnieszka Szczotka (UK/Poland), Agnieszka Szostek (Poland/Germany), Bartek Arobal Kociemba (Denmark/Poland), Barbara Kai Kaniewska  (Denmark/Poland) Magda Buczek (Denmark/Poland), Rine Rodin (Demark/Sweden), Thornbjorn  Uldam(Germany/Denmark), Vala Foltyn (Denmark/Sweden/Poland), Yuriy Biley (Ukraine), Liliana  Zeic (Poland)

Performance Program: 

6.30PM Rine Rodin, Baba Yaga 

7.30 PM Agnieszka Szczotka, The Deceiver, 

21.00 Fire Ritual, VLP (Bartek Arobal Kociemba & Magda Buczek & audience) 


TAK TAK is the second show of the gallery. These words function both in Danish and Polish  language. In Danish, they mean “thank you” and express gratitude or politeness whereas in Polish  the meaning for “tak” is simple “yes” and “this way”.  

The show focuses on the overlapping meanings of these two contexts: humbleness, amenity,  acceptance, gratefulness, consent, and validation but also their opposites: rejection, abuse,  disapproval, misbehavior. All of them are reactions that represent different positions of human and  social exchange and mark the balance of power. When disrupted, the inbalance brings  aberrations of geopolitical, social and personal sphere.  

It is the attempt to investigate the above positions from diverse artistic perspectives and find them  in dialogue. After all, TAK TAK signals communication could be a part of an overheard conversation  in at least two languages.  


TAK TAK aims to present an array of different artistic approaches towards the subject but also  towards communicating with the audience. That is why the concept of the exhibition goes beyond  the idea of a white cube presentation. It contains: performances, talks, group rituals and  workshops open for everyone willing to join.


VI LEVER PÅ POLSK is an artist-run gallery and platform founded in November 2020 by two  Polish visual artists based in Copenhagen: Magda Buczek and Bartek Arobal Kociemba.  VI LEVER PÅ POLSK a phrase in Danish refering to the Polish rural emigration that had come to  Denmark in the XIX century and could not get legally married in Denmark due to their catholic  religion. Therefore to live Polish way means to live without formal marriage. The gallery’s program  interprets it as investigating the states outside of the comfort zone and Danish hygge: non normativity, migration, and otherness.  

VI LEVER PÅ POLSK presents artists, activists and writers that for different reasons and despite  the quality of their work are not represented in the artistic mainstream. The reasons can be for  example either long break caused by health issues, parenthood or migration, or the lack of local  networking and the command of local language.