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Todd Forsgren. Post-industrial Eden

at NOMUS – New Art Museum in Gdansk

NOMUS| New Art Museum
July 05,2024 - December 29,2024
Todd Forsgren, Gdańsk, Polska, 2014

July 5 December 29

Post-Industrial Eden is a photographic exhibition by the American artist Todd Forsgren, who has been documenting small garden enclaves for twenty years now, gathering material in such countries as the United States, Cuba, Mongolia, Japan, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Poland.

The exhibition shows how gardening is practiced on a small scale in radically distant territories, in different climate zones and in the specific landscapes of a given geographical region. The beginning of the 21st century saw an increased interest in horticulture, which coincided with the growing political, economic and climatic crises in the world. Larger awareness of the ongoing effects of those deepening crises meant that societies had to revise their approaches to capitalism, global financial markets, and public institutions. A deepening disillusionment, the COVID pandemic, wars, and mass migration caused by the effects of armed conflicts in various parts of the world have awakened interest in nature and has led many to perceive it as a refuge in the face of social unrest and emergent instability. In response to these changes, many people have revised their consumption habits. Rising food prices and supplies shortages have encouraged people, especially in developed countries, to appreciate self-sufficiency, organic food and localism. Small garden cultures have gained more and more supporters, who began to perceive them as places free from “big politics” and the broadly understood globalization.

The exhibition is one of many activities aimed at increasing ecological awareness and influencing collective responsibility for the condition of our planet. The exhibition is also a response to contemporary philosophical approaches to nature and its resources, and reflects emergent trends in which self-sufficiency, mental well-being and intimate connection with nature become a more urgent than consumption. The photographs are a form of resistance to the proliferation of virtual spaces that have been brought about by the democratization of access to new technologies, the excess of which ultimately leads to loneliness and the decline of interpersonal relationships. Todd Forsgren’s photographs, taken since the beginning of the 21st century, can therefore be perceived as a contemporary compass, setting a direction for where and how to look for broadly understood balance and harmony in the face of contemporary threats.

Mariola Balińska


Todd Forsgren – studied Biology and Visual Arts at Bowdoin College and completed his MFA in Photography at J.E. Purkyne. In his artistic practice, he refers to issues related to ecology, landscape and climate change. His photographs have been featured in National Geographic, Slate, Wired, The Guardian, Nature, New Scientist, TIME’s Lightbox, and Cosmopolitan. They have been shown at numerous venues and exhibitions, including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Noorderlicht Photography Festival, Academy Art Museum, Rotterdam Photo Festival, Indian Photography Festival, Koenig & Clinton, Carroll & Sons, Heiner Contemporary and Jen Bekman Gallery. He is the author of art books, including Driving into the Sunset (2022), Old Pictures from Paradise (2018), A Constant Wind Between a Breeze and a Gale (2016), Ornithological Photographs (2015). The artist teaches photography at Rocky Mountain College and is also the director of the Ryniker-Morrison Gallery. He lives and works in Billings, Montana.

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