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July 1, 2015 - December 31, 2016

gęby witkacego


The project consists of artistic interventions within interesting public spaces of Wrocław, with an emphasis on its backyards. Artists working in a given space cooperate with the residents so that the solutions are their common negotiated work. The project’s objective is to raise awareness amongst the Wrocław inhabitants about their communal responsibility for “no man’s land” areas, which are often vacated and disre- garded. At the same time we want to trigger the residents’ potential to take actions – to activate them. We would also like to directly reach the residents and organise, still very rare, direct meetings of the recipients with the artists.
Venue: City space
Organizer: ECoC Wrocław 2016


29 November | 1 December 2016
Implementation of cultural projects in backyards An event organized to summarize the proj- ect „Wrocław – Backyard Door”. Talks and debates with artists, city officials and activists.

February | December 2016
Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop // Kamila Wolszczak, Krzysztof Bryła, Damian Kalita, Jacek Sterczewski
The workshop is designed for sharing experiences among local community and artists and anima- tors. All residents of Wrocław are welcome, in particular residents of Przedmieście Oławskie. The initia- tive is directed both for children, young people, and seniors.
Venue: Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop (www.facebook.com/pracowniaKP45)

October | November 2016
The Countdown // Karolina Freino
Rocket – a metal playset frequently used in the playgrounds from the times of PRL (People’s Republic of Poland), which manifested aspirations, progammed enthusiasm, and faith in the future, now stands next to a path, forgotten and useless and peeling paint reviles multiple layers of oil colours. “The Countdown” work involves adding to the rocket sound of a countdown to take-off. It will be read evenly and continuously, 24 hours a day. The sound level will set in such way so that it created a narration only near the rocket, heard for the passers by and friendly for the neighbours.

October | November 2016
At the shared table // Ewa Bochen and Marcin Jelski
“At the shared table” project constitutes a symbolic installation which is also a functional object. It is an arranged meeting spot of the residents comprising a long table and twelve seats. The installation is going to be located at Przedmieście Oławskie, between the prewar tenements, on grass, in a place encouraging to relax and slip into reverie.
Venue: Przedmieście Oławskie

October | November 2016
Resourcefulness // Robert Pludra and Katarzyna Moszczyńska
The artists work on a project uncovering a lot of forgotten stories about Brochów and its residents. The residents of Brochów were invited to share their memories, especially those related to particular places and buildings on a map of this particular part of the city. The most interesting stories will be presented in an installation that will become part of the landscape of Brochów. Visitors to Brochów will be able to listen to and also see them in old, processed stereo- scopic (3D) photographies.

April | December 2016
MURY 2016 Witkacy’s Gęby // Marek Tybur, Elżbieta Golińska
“Witkacy’s Gęby” is a several-month-long artistic project held in Prison No. 1 in Wrocław, in ul. Kleczkowska. Convicts take part in a series of art and para-theater workshops. The results will be presented to the vast audience, above all, thanks to the multimedia night projections on the prison’s walls. “The Walls” Project is to involve prisoners in the culture.
Venue: Prison No. 1, Kleczkowska 35

November 2016
INTEGRATOR // Agnieszka Bocheńska- Niemiec and Przemysław Chimczak
The residents of the neighbourhood where the project will be created need space allowing different kinds of activities – an integrator, opened to all the recipients. An installation created for the project will instead of enforcing particular action, use the inventions and creativity of its users. For some people it will be their meeting place and for others a field playground; some will also use it as an open-air gym. At the same time, the project will constitute a first step towards a complete metamorphosis of the yard where in the future the residents want to create social gardens, a place for picnics or local infopoint.
Venue: Square by the flower bed in ul. Waryńskiego