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Wrocław Drawing Triennial


April 07,2022 - June 26,2022
Dorota Kuźniarska, The Shoe, 2021, TRW2022

April 7, 2022 June 26, 2022

competition exhibition of the Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2022

7.04 – 23.05.2022

venue: Wrocław Contemporary Museum
curator: Patrycja Sap

artists: Blažej Baláž, Grzegorz Bibro, Barbara Bodio, Marcin Czarnopyś, Tomasz Dobiszewski, Łukasz Głowacki, Grzegorz Grela, Jarosław Grulkowski, Marek Grzyb, Magdalena Grzybowska, Jakub Jakubowicz, Katarzyna Klich, Mateusz Kokot, Grzegorz Kozera, Igor Kubik, Andrzej Kulig, Grzegorz Kumorek, Dorota Kuźniarska, Agnieszka Łakoma, Grupa Łono, Mateusz Majchrzak, Justyna Mędrala, Marcin Mierzicki, Justyna Molska, Adam Nowaczyk, Izabela Olesińska, Alicja Panasiewicz, Adam Panasiewicz, Veronica Blanco Perales, Urszula Pieregończuk, Hanna Rozpara, Kacper Lecnim, Irmina Rusicka, Jędrzej Sierpiński, Paweł Baśnik, Justyna Baśnik, Jakub Słomkowski, Miłosława Skomra, Jarosław Słomski, Anna Szmuda, Michalina W. Klasik, Katarzyna Wójcicka

The title of this year’s edition of the Drawing Triennial competition is an extremely capacious concept, enabling analysis on many levels of meaning. It is at the same time a question that we ask artists who move in the broadly understood medium of drawing or drawing thinking. By looking at the most current artistic practices, we explore not only the potential of drawing as a medium immersed in and creating the present, but most importantly we look at artists’ attitudes towards what will be, is and was.

Is it possible, then, to actually reject the past and have a real impact on shaping the future? We perversely ask these questions and seek answers, setting the exhibition in a building steeped in history, a bunker that currently houses the Wrocław Contemporary Museum.

exhibition by Monika Drożyńska, laureate of the Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2019

7.04 – 6.06.2022
venue: Wrocław Contemporary Museum
curator: Katarzyna Krysiak

This is an exhibition about welcoming visitors and the fear of visitors. An exhibition about gold and rotten teeth, bowel movements, German washing powder, sweat and Ponglish. It will feature works from the “Tablecloths” series that Monika Drożyńska has been developing since 2019. As she puts it: “The tablecloth is used to celebrate life in community and relationships. I set the table with a tablecloth when I want to celebrate the day. I set the table with a tablecloth when I am going to host someone. We sit down at the table. The tablecloth brings us together. We keep our hands, our arms, our food, our drinks on it”.

The works were made using the technique of hand embroidery on fabric. Each is an “essay” written with words, characters and images. The artist uses many alphabets: Georgian, Hebrew or Cyrillic, Morse code and Braille, mixes phrases written in different languages: Polish, Ukrainian, German, English or Afrikaans, uses iconography taken from sign language, road and evacuation signs, iconography of political systems, logos of corporations and social movements, refers to the symbolism of prison tattoos or graphic interpretations of star constellations.

Monika Drożyńska’s embroideries are a record of the causes and effects of migration, emigration, one-way travel, and the role language plays in this story. In a nutshell – why we keep rushing somewhere and what comes out of it.

Stay tuned!  

The project is a continuation of the exhibition “Dużo dobre/ Дуже добре” (Much Good), presented at the Foksal Gallery in the summer of 2021.


exhibition as part of the Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2022

20.05 – 26.06.2022

venue: BWA Wrocław Główny
curator: Honza Zamojski

Uri Aran, Zuza Golińska, Koji Kamoji, Bety Krňanská, David Krňanský, Hanna Krzysztofiak, Przemek Matecki, Zdzisław Nitka, Julia Scher, Aleksandra Ska, Daniel Stachowski, Juliusz Studnicki, Andrzej Szewczyk, Marcin Wicha + Marian Misiak, Zbiorowy

The concept of the exhibition “WORLD(S)” is closely related to the architecture of BWA Wrocław Główny gallery and its two wings of exhibition spaces. One part is occupied by the light world and the other by the dark world. These are not oppositions. Lightness and darkness of the rooms do not symbolize anything. Nor do they set themselves at opposite poles of discussion. The two worlds are different, but with similar parameters and composed according to similar principles. In each wing of the gallery, the same artists will present works at identical points in the space of each room.

The differences and similarities between the worlds can only be seen through small shifts in meaning and contrasts. Sometimes these contrasts result from the subject matter of the works, other times from their form. Some works play with the illusion of mirror reflection, some with the concepts of negative and positive. Thus, in the exhibition, drawing is present in every form, often positioning itself as a point of contact in communication between different and parallel worlds. Detached from the burden of formal solutions, it becomes words, emotions and emancipation. 

organizer: The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław
co-organizers: BWA Wrocław and Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław
Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Department of Culture of the Wrocław City Hall

More: trwro.pl