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Zlin: Anna Jochymek, Karolina Kubik

May 28, 2019 - September 9, 2019

alternatives-of-destruction exhibition


Among the artists: Anna Jochymek, Karolina Kubik

Five artists from The Visegrad Group meet for the unique exhibition in Zlin.

Curator of the exhibition: Richard Gregor

Karolina Kubik and  Anna Jochymek take part in Trienále Prostor Zlín 2019 as a collaborative duo. They are presenting the project “Tadeusze”.

More about the project ‘Tadeusze’:

‘Tadeusze’ is a project, which presents the alternate history fiction of the solid monument of two soldiers holding a girl. The original ‘Monument of Gratitude for the Soviet Army’ was founded in the city centre of Legnica, small Polish city in 1951. Since then it becomes a controversial element of the local landscape. At one time, people referred to it as ‘Two Ivanows’ or ‘Two Gays’. In 2018, new de-communization law required removal of the monument. We managed to discover that it was transported in parts to the Legnica’s cemetery.

Our project re-writes the scenario by presenting them as a family who relieved themselves from the stiff structures of human minds by skateboarding. We decided to give them a freedom they never had. The title of the project is a reference to the epic poem ‘Sir Thaddeus’ (Polish title ‘Pan Tadeusz’), an iconic example of Polish Romanticism in literature written by Adam Mickiewicz and published in 1836.