Issue 2 (16) 2021


Lina Lapelytė ◦ Ciprian Mureşan ◦ Angelika Markul ◦ Jean Tinguely ◦ and more

Cover designed by Patricia Piccinini

What will the world of culture and art look like in 2050? For several years now, there has been a lively debate about the future in relation to many factors: environment, economy, social policy, and technology. In a reality in which discussions about artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies or commercial space flights are gaining popularity, we would like to pay particular attention to the arts and culture sector. On this basis, we have joined forces to outline potential future developments, opportunities, issues, actions, needs, and changes that we may witness in our lifetime. Can we foresee the changes ahead? Let’s find out together.

The first step in the discussion on the future of art is the cover featuring the work of Patricia Piccinini, an artist whose artistic practice focuses on exploring the boundaries of science and technology through her sculptures, photographs, videos, and installations. In our conversations with Patricia Piccinini and Angelika Markul we explore the importance of the relationship between nature, culture, and technology.

For this issue we invited six art curators and institutional directors from all over the world to select the most important artist who had a real impact on the last decades. The article mentions names such as Lina Lapelytė, Ciprian Mureşan, or Jean Tinguely. We also take a look at future museums and the way technology alters our experience of culture, art, and education. You will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the works by Katja Novitskova, who focuses on evolutionary processes, digital imagery, and corporate aesthetics. Especially for our readers we interviewed Christian Ward, the Head of Multimedia at Stylus, who oversees research, reporting, and presentations on emerging trends in marketing, advertising, culture, and media.

In this issue we continue to discover the world of the film and theatre industry. In 2021 we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Stanisław Lem, on this occasion we recommend an essay revolving around ‘Solaris’ by Lem and its adaptation for the big screen by Andrei Tarkovsky. What’s more, our series on the Great Directors gives you a unique opportunity to take a look at the previously unpublished script ‘Baby’ by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

Inside the magazine, you will also find articles about:

  • NFTs and their place in the art world;
  • Sustainable fashion and young up-and-coming designers;
  • The role of female photographers;
  • The role of the arts in an ageing society; 
  • Art Branding;
  • Art and culture in Vilnius;
  • Art movements of the last decade.

7 Editors’ Letter
8 Contributors
11 Mapping our Articles
12 In the Spotlight
17 The TOP 6 Artists of the Past Decade
24 Patricia Piccinini
28 Angelika Markul: The Artist’s Journey, from the Most Remote Landscapes to the Essence of Contemporary Mythology and Lyrical Science Fiction
34 Katja Novitskova: Special Feature
44 The Essence of Life Itself: Franciszka Themerson at Cromwell Place
48 A Rearview Mirror: Art Movements of the Last Decade
60 The Role of the Arts in an Ageing Society
64 Where Do We Go from Here? On the Future of Museums
70 Celebrating Blackness: Through the Female Gaze
72 Afrofuturism: Visual Story
83 The Trap of Representation, or a Short Treatise on the Imprisonment of Humans: Stanisław Lem’s and Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘Solaris’
88 ‘First Love’ and the Dramaturgy of the Real Film
90 The Baby — Draft of a Script for a TV Documentary by Krzysztof Kieślowski
96 Future Thinking: Interview with Christian Ward, Head of Multimedia at Stylus
100 Fashion Feels: When Clothing Becomes an Eco-Skin
112 A Manifesto for Timelessness in Design
118 Objects of Desire
120 ‘The Process of Creation Is Always an Emotional Roller-Coaster’. Łukasz Olek
122 The Call of Freedom: XY ankamierzejewska
124 Our World in 2050. Predictions and Challenges in Art, Culture and Education
130 Digital Trace
134 WTF Boomer? NFTs, McLuhan and the Rhetorics of Power
140 Art Branding. A Story of Reciprocated Love
142 NOMUS. A Conversation Sparking Museum and Testimony of Our Times
145 Restless Vilnius. Discovering Art and Culture in the Capital of Lithuania
154 What Is the Future for Art Competitions?
165 Anouk Lamm Anouk. STRABAG Artaward International
166 On Our Shelf
168 Tarot. How Will the Art World Look in 2050?


  • Yasmine Akim,
  • Zuzanna Auguścik,
  • Adrian Balcau,
  • Dorian Batycka,
  • Dobromiła Błaszczyk,
  • Anna Dziuba,
  • Mikołaj Jazdon,
  • Sylwia Krasoń,
  • Marta Kudelska,
  • Edith Lázár,
  • Maja Lorkowska,
  • Aleksandra Mainka-Pawłowska,
  • Eleftherios Makedonas,
  • Maria Markiewicz,
  • Mannika Mishra,
  • Agnė Narušytė,
  • Patrycja Rozwora,
  • Anna Shostak,
  • Grażyna Siedlecka,
  • Alicja Stąpór,
  • Anna Tomczak,
  • Anja Tomljenović,
  • Piotr Wojnar,
  • Marek Wołyński,
  • Kuba Żary,
  • Sylwia Żółkiewska


  • Marta Krysińska

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