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Itthon. Studio Plays A Role In Supporting Artisans In Ada Itthon. studio designs sustainable and handmade items for every household, collaborating with local craftsmen to save the heritage of a small town in Serbia

Adrienn Király and Bálint Szalai own itthon. studio where they preserve local values and craftsmanship of a small underpopulated town Ada situated in Serbia about fifty kilometres from the Hungarian border. Two product designers manage to support artisans who continue to live and work in the area despite the challenging economic and social affairs caused by the Yugoslav Wars. The studio gathers natives who create long-lasting everyday products—made from local, natural materials—that meet the needs of every household. The crafted objects echo the natural beauty of the landscapes and the peasants’ culture. For instance, the first collection included hand-cut wooden plates, cane pots, and clay cookware. Adrienn and Bálint also praise the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural identity of the land. They never hide people behind the objects but name every one of the makers who produce them. Very often, to create one product, itthon. joins several workshops together, which helps to tighten the community.

Adrienn Kiraly, Balint Szalai, itthon. studio
Adrienn Kiraly, Balint Szalai, itthon. studio

“Together with the craftsmen, we try to maintain the town’s heritage as well as liven up local workshops so that we bond as a community that works for the common benefit. On the behalf of itthon. studio, we contact small-scale and low-technology industries that possess know-how and expertise to create objects that would open new market opportunities. Nevertheless, the financial stability is a vital issue; we also try to impact the mood of the locals and rediscover their potential born in the infrastructure during the Yugoslav era.”

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Anna Shostak holds a BA in English Philology from USWPS in Warsaw. She's a life-long admirer of languages, European art and culture. Anna is an English teacher who frequently introduces a piece of a literary text or fine art in her class.

About the Designers:


are product designers and the founders of itthon. They believe that by amplifying the local values with the help of design they can initiate positive changes in a community. Bálint was born and raised in Ada, while Adri grew up in Budapest. They both studied product design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. This is where they met and started to work on projects together. During last few years they studied and worked in several places like London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Kyoto. After gaining diverse international experience they started their own design studio. At the same time they have also launched a collection of carefully crafted, low-volume objects made in collaboration with local artisans.

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