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Welcome back, podcast lovers! We hope you had a good start to the New Year. Whether you create a whole list of New Year’s resolutions or enter the year with absolutely no expectations, we will continue providing you with relevant art content that will add a little more curiosity and excitement to your year. 

For the first podcast of this year, host and creator Patrycja Rozwora invites Kennet Lekko – an Estonian painter and visual artist based in Berlin. His vibrant and witty works will delight you with smart humor and social commentary.

This episode was recorded live from Kennet’s Weißensee studio – North-East Berlin. On the podcast, he shares the development of his very defined painting style that often combines image and text and also uses elements from low and high culture to speak about human nature and social behaviours. His work follows a theory that despite the quickly developing world in terms of science and technology, human behaviours tend to go through repetition. 

Kennet Lekko
Kennet Lekko

During the podcast, you will hear about Kennet’s inspirations from the Lowbrow Art Movement as well as medieval and religious symbols. Additionally, the conversation will give you a glimpse into the rich history of Estonia, the course of the so-called ‘transformation’ and the current state of affairs in the wake of Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. 

At the end of the podcast, following the tradition of speaking about favourite home foods, Kennet shares an anecdote about Memm’s Oat Caramel Cake – which is not only his favourite home dish, but also a totem of the whole family.

Check out the podcast:

Kennet Lekko, "Life"
Kennet Lekko, “Life”
Kennet Lekko, "WTF Bro"
Kennet Lekko, “WTF Bro”
Kennet Lekko, "Doing Fine"
Kennet Lekko, “Doing Fine”

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Artist and writer. Studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Critical Studies Department at the Sandberg Institute. Her ongoing research relates the post-Soviet countries. In 2020, she launched a podcast series called ‘Kitchen Conversations.’

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