Lynx x Brand New Art We are a media partner of the fair.

Contemporary Lynx has been invited to the Nówka Sztuka Art Fair to orgnise a 5 online consultation session and portfolio review. We are also the media partner of the fair.

The Brand New Art Artists and Designers Fair is a two-day celebration of artists, collectors, talent seekers, and enthusiasts of young Polish art and design.

The sixth edition of the Brand New Art Artists and Designers Fair will take place – as it does every year – over a November weekend with an online presence until 30 November!
Artists, connoisseurs, art dealers, explorers, viewers, aesthetes, collectors, investors, talent hunters and those who want to live beautifully – this is your time.

For two days, artists with their selected works are waiting for you at the Palace of Art. Within this time, you can visit dozens of studios, which we are bringing to one place especially for you. If you are looking for art for yourself, for your clients, for books you publish, for your offices, if you are looking for artists with whom you will make friends and who will create something unique especially for you – this is what the Brand New Art is for.


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