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Modern Glass Art. WyspArt Foundation and its mission to promote artistic creation.

Glass art is an extraordinary manifestation of human ingenuity and creative ability that goes deeper than mere form or material. Glass, which has been used in various artistic disciplines for centuries, is characterised by its fragile yet highly flexible nature.

Glass art is more than just craft or industry; it is a combination of technology and artistic imagination. The process of glass forming demands precision, agility, and the courage to experiment, taking a creative approach to traditional techniques. 

Today, glass art has not only survived but is thriving,transcending the boundaries of traditional forms and inspiring the next generation of artists to explore new expressions and techniques. From monumental sculptures to delicate stained glass, from abstraction to narrative-filled storytelling, glass art is evolving into a medium not only for craftsmanship but also for conveying emotions, ideas, and stories. 

We discover the mission of the WyspArt Foundation and explore the artistic practice of three exceptional artists affiliated with the foundation: Magdalena Zarychta, Katarzyna Karbownik-Urbańska, and Lidia Stanek-Wichlinska. These artists not only continue the tradition of glass art but also situate their work in the context of contemporary trends and challenges.


Under the direction of Magdalena Zarychta, The WyspArt Foundation is emerging as a prominent advocate for the promotion of art and culture in Poland and abroad. Since its creation, the foundation has been consistently guided by a mission to champion artistic values and nurture creative potential among the public. Its activities span a wide range of artistic, educational, and social fields, with the aim of fostering an environment conducive to the growth of both artists and art audiences.

The Foundation is actively engaged in cultural animation, promoting artistic creation, and providing arts education, with a particular focus on applied arts, design, handicrafts, and the organisation of art workshops. It also seeks creative solutions in ceramics and glass, building relationships among artists. However’ the Foundation’s activities extend beyond the local sphere Its ambition is to support the export of Polish design, promoting Polish art in foreign markets, and establish connectionw with industry institutions and individuals. Through these initiatives, the Foundation contributes to the international development of Polish art and the cultivation  of a positive image of Polish artists abroad.

They continue to promote and support artists. An integral part of their mission is to create a platform for artists to present their projects, works, and activities, as well as make contacts in the art community. Consequently, when undertaking promotional activities during the difficult period of the 2021 pandemic, the Foundation faced the challenge of organising a virtual exhibition, originally intended for Art Market Budapest. Despite facing obstacles, it was decided to proceed with the project and transfer the exhibition, ‘Polish Modern Glass Art,’ to a virtual space. The selection of works by nine artists not only showcased the diversity and richness of modern glass art in Poland but also offered an opportunity to present works by both well-known, experienced artists and emerging talents just beginning their journey in the art world.

Currently, the foundation continues its promotion of contemporary glass art and participates in the international contemporary art fair, Arte Genova, where it is represented by three artists: Magdalena Zarychta, Katarzyna Karbownik-Urbańska, and Lidia Stanek-Wichlińska. The acceptance of this invitation was a result of the implementation of the project “Supporting mission activities and institutional development of the WyspArt Foundation,” funded by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for the Development of Civil Society, as part of the Government Programme for the Development of Civic Organisations 2018-2030. 

Magdalena Zarychta
Magdalena Zarychta

Magdalena Zarychta

Magdalena Zarychta is an artist with a diverse range of artistic interests. She graduated from the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass, Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Additionally, she gained experience through studies at the renowned Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. As the founder and president of the WyspArt Foundation, Zarychta is committed not only to creating her own works but also to art and artistic education. Since 2024, she has also been a member of the Nów. Nowe Rzemiosło association.

Her work, presented in numerous solo and group  exhibitions both nationally and internationally, combines a variety of techniques and materials. She adeptly navigates artistic and applied glass, glazing, traditional stained glass, interior design, graphic design, and ceramics. Particularly fascinated by experimentation and the combination of seemingly incompatible materials, such as glass and metal, she infuses her works with a unique character and expressiveness.

At the ArteGenova fair, she will present her works from the series ‘Air Vessels’ and ‘Od(ś)ciski’,  along with paintings. In her own words: “For me, glass is as much a sculptural material as wood or stone. The idea for my glass >>air vessels<< was born out of experience and experimentation with fusing heated glass and metal. The technique used came from a passion for experimentation, for putting impossible, physically different things together.”

Katarzyna Karbownik-Urbańska
Katarzyna Karbownik-Urbańska

Katarzyna Karbownik-Urbańska

Katarzyna Karbownik-Urbańska is an artist with a versatile approach to art, rooted in the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, specialising in Ceramics and Glass. Her work is not only an expression of her passion,but also her social and educational commitment, evident through her activities as a cultural animator, educator, and organiser of art workshops. Running her own art studio since 1999, Karbownik-Urbańska not only develops her own projects but also shares her knowledge and experience with others. Her work has garnered recognition in numerous exhibitions both domestically and internationally..

One of the most distinctive elements of her work is the creation of women’s costumes in glass. The pieces impress with their ingenuity and decorativeness and serve a profound reflection on the complexity of female nature. Karbownik-Urbanska employs a variety of glass techniques, ranging from transparent to coloured glass, adding diversity and depth to her works.

At the ArteGenova fair, she will present her glass works from the series ‘Stories from Memory Embedded in Glass’.

Lidia Stanek-Wichlińska
Lidia Stanek-Wichlińska

Lidia Stanek-Wichlińska

Lidia Stanek-Wichlińska is an artist who earned her degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, graduating from both the Department of Ceramics and Glass and the Department of Sculpture. Her work focus is primarily on applied art, which holds a deeper significance for her than functionality. Wichlińska’s works, present in private collections worldwide, reflect her belief that art can have a significant impact on one’s experience of reality and self-esteem.

A co-founder of thestanek.wichliń studio since 2004, she is committed to promoting applied art. Wichlinska draws inspiration from the beauty and phenomena of nature, which she views as an intimate space of proximity between creator and creation, and from interpersonal relations, which she sees as a constant rhythm of transformation and encounter.

Her works embody both aspects:  the functional, where functionality equals aesthetics, and the strictly decorative. As Wichlińska explains: “I believe that interacting with art and beauty, which we define so subjectively, influences a deeper experience of reality and self-esteem. This is why I create to make people feel special and unique.”

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