Isla de Crear Art Residency 

Exploring New Horizons: Open Calls and Opportunities for Artists in 2024.

As we step into 2024, the world of art is filled with possibilities and opportunities waiting to be discovered. For artists seeking to expand their horizons, challenge their creative boundaries, and showcase their talents, the coming year promises a range of open calls and opportunities. Whether you are an emerging artist or an established creative looking for new ways to express your vision, in this article you will find some of the possibilities that can help you define your artistic narrative in the upcoming months. 

Isla de Crear Art Residency

Location: Úbeda, Spain

Dates of residency: Part 1: April 14th – June 8th, Part 2: August 18th – September 28th

Application deadline: February 29th for the first part

Duration: 4, 6 or 8 weeks

Isla de Crear is a dynamic creative center situated in Andalusia, Spain, where the relentless sun shines for 300 days a year. Nestled just outside the UNESCO World Heritage site of Úbeda, known for its vibrant artisan community and cultural events, Isla de Crear offers a unique haven for artists, craftspeople, thinkers, and creatives. The current call-out invites artists from diverse fields to engage with the theme Subversion Matters. Embracing a deliberately broad interpretation, Isla de Crear encourages participants to think tangentially and push the boundaries of their creative endeavors. The emphasis is on challenging oneself to embark on new artistic journeys and explore unconventional forms.

Particular interest is given to those eager to work with found objects and repurpose materials, given the ample resources available in the center’s junk yard. However, the residency welcomes creators working in various mediums, including visual arts, performance, sound, theory, scholarship, and writing. 


Isla de Crear Art Residency 
Isla de Crear Art Residency, courtesy of organizers

Hakoniemi Residency

Location: Oravisalo, Rääkkylä, North Karelia, Finland

Dates of residency: Spring: between January 1st – May 31st & Autumn: between September 1st – December 12th

Hakoniemi Residence, founded in 2019 in Oravisalo, Rääkkylä, Finland, provides a peaceful retreat for artists, musicians, writers, and more. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Northern Saimaa archipelago, the former home of painter Jorma Pajarinen offers a unique blend of artistic inspiration and historical richness. The remote location, 15 km from the village center with no public transportation, makes it ideal for those comfortable working in self-directed environments. The residency, supported by the Hakoniemi Residence Support Association, aims to revive local culture and foster collaboration between artists and the community.


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maumau 2024 Artist-in-Residence Program

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Dates of residency and application deadline:
31st of January – 13th of march 2024 / application deadline: 10th of january, 2024

15th of March – 23rd of may 2024 / application deadline: 1st of february, 2024

25th of May – 2nd of august 2024 / application deadline: 1st of april, 2024

3rd of August – 10th of october 2024 / application deadline: 1st of june, 2024

The maumau Artist-in-Residence Program is a 10-week initiative in the historic center of Istanbul, Suleymaniye, hosted at the Istanbul Design Museum. This immersive program focuses on artist collaboration with local artists and craftsmen.The residence offers a unique opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in Istanbul’s cultural fabric, contribute to the city’s artistic discourse, and engage in dynamic collaborations. Over nine weeks, artists engage in production, collaboration, and networking, followed by a dedicated final week featuring exhibitions, events, and artist talks. The strategic location places artists in proximity to cultural institutions like SALT and IKSV, fostering a vibrant artistic community. The Istanbul Design Museum, supported by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, provides an inspiring workspace. 


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La Napoule Art Foundation Residencies

Location: Mandelieu-La Napoule, France

Dates of residency: October 1st – October 29th 

La Napoule Art Foundation offers a unique artist-in-residence program at the Château de La Napoule on the French Riviera just outside Cannes. Providing a distraction-free environment the program supports interdisciplinary collaboration and creativity. The foundation, inspired by Henry and Marie Clews, champions talents globally through partnerships with major arts organizations. The residency includes four four-week sessions yearly, featuring two international group residencies in spring and fall for up to ten artists each. Open to all artistic genres, the program encourages individual expression and artistic exploration within a supportive peer community.

LNAF offers three different residency programs: the International Artist Residency available to individual artists, writers, and creatives from around the world, the Canadian Artist Residency program opened to individual artists, writers, and creatives from Canada only, designed to support and strengthen Canadian-French intercultural connection and the CASA CINE Film and Music Writing Residency, an international screenwriting residency for cinema that accompanies authors in the development of their first or second feature film projects.


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BIRCA WOMEN residency for performing artists

Location: Bornholm, Denmark

Dates of residency: April 29th – May 12th 

Application deadline: January 31st

Duration: 2 weeks

BIRCA Women offers a two-week joint residency for six performing artists who identify as female. The residency seeks to expand your current practice with a focus on the health of the planet. Addressing interconnectivity across environmental, social justice, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions, BIRCA Women envisions a regenerative future embracing intersectionality, communication, generosity, and sharing. Artists can pursue individual projects while engaging in dialogues with peers and remaining open to co-creation possibilities. The emphasis is on fostering a space for co-creation and exchange, prioritizing care, trust, and safety, with a focus on the experiences of being a female performing artist.


BIRCA Women residency 22 - participants with mentor Tora Balslev in the fields.
BIRCA Women residency 22 – participants with mentor Tora Balslev in the fields, courtesy of Susanne Danig
BIRCA women residency
BIRCA WOMEN residency for performing artists, courtesy of Susanne Danig
BIRCA women residency
BIRCA WOMEN residency for performing artists, courtesy of Susanne Danig

La Maison Kintsugi artist residency

Location: Siran, France

Dates of residency: open during the months of April, May, June and September, October, November

Application deadline: from 1 to 5 weeks  

La Maison Kintsugi, founded by artist Garth Bowden, embodies a vision of life infused with art. This residency offers a space where creativity, playfulness, contemplation, and exchange are equally cherished, emphasizing a balance between individual practice and collective conversation. The term ‘Kintsugi,’ derived from Japanese (‘Kin’ for gold and ‘Tsugi’ for join), literally translates to ‘to join with gold.’ Symbolizing resilience and transformation, it sets the tone for the residency’s ethos. La Maison Kintsugi provides a tranquil atmosphere for artists to concentrate on their work, research, or writing. 


The Music Room, France, 2023, image courtesy of LMK
The Music Room, France, 2023, image courtesy of La Maison Kintsugi

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