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The Prince Claus Fund extends its solidarity with Ukraine and deplores the violence of the Russian Government against the Ukrainian people. Together with our global network, we stand with our Ukrainian partners, friends, Awardees and all the victims of the war. The Prince Claus Fund supports artists and cultural practitioners who work towards a more inclusive future, based on human values of trust and respect, where there is no space for the racism, hate, the enormous suffering and cost to human life that such violence brings.

We are concerned over the illegal destruction of all forms of cultural heritage in the ongoing military operations and urge full respect for international humanitarian law. Our Cultural Emergency Response programme is on standby to offer expert advice and first aid to cultural heritage that has been damaged or is under threat. Requests for assistance to protect heritage can be sent to [email protected], or you can simply reach us via our social media channels.

In addition, the Prince Claus Fund Network Partner VCRC/Kyiv Biennial has launched an emergency support initiative for the cultural community of Ukraine in need. The initiatives’ main goal is to help people who stayed in Ukraine and to provide them with immediate financial support for their basic needs. If you are either in need of help or want to contribute to this effort you can contact the VCRC team via email and through their Facebook or Instagram.