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RÜCKL. Renaissance of Czech glassmaking craft Rückl designs crystals

Rückl designs crystals that bring elegance to everyday moments and special occasions by focusing on original design and notably high quality standards. 

Rückl, a glassworks with more than three hundred years of tradition, began a renaissance of hand-cut crystal. Every product passes through the hands of dozens of craftsmen in the Rückl glassworks. From hand-blowing and artisan carpentry to the hand-grinding of individual motifs, every product is given a special care. 

At Rückl, the breath-taking Odette collection is made by a single craftsman, who has perfectly mastered fine, extremely demanding grinding processes. He is admirably patient at his work, spending hours fully concentrated on his craft. That leads to the perfect lace cut, which is an embodied proof of his mastery. 

Contemporary Lynx is a proud media partner of Designblok – the leading design fair in Czechia. We have been publishing a series of articles on innovative and talented Czech designers. We will present up-and-coming designers, iconic products and new trends.

The article is a part of the CONTEMPORARY LYNX x DESIGNBLOK series. 

Rückl , Odette
Rückl , Odette collection
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The Art Of Glass Making Czech Artist Pays Tribute To Wood And Fire

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 12, 2019

This September London Design Festival and V&A Museum was host the unique glass installation by an internationally acclaimed Czech artist Rony Plesl. The artwork, consisting of three large glass pieces illuminating in fluorescent green light, is largely inspired by the idea of Sacred Geometry – a universal language organising all visible and invisible reality according to basic geometrical principles.

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