Young Polish Artists Take East London Talented Polish artist participated in a group exhibition entitled Somnambulant Eve.

Talented Polish artists Monika Chlebek, Dawid Czycz, Ula Wiznerowicz and Nina Joanna Dmyterko participated in a group exhibition entitled Somnambulant Eve. The event was organised by The Temporary Pop Up Project Wrong Door at super hip Broadway Market and was a part of the First Thursday – late night art in East London. This interesting event took place on 6 December 2012.

Monika Chlebek, Untitled, drawing on paper,
copyright©monika chlebek

Broadway Market is the epicentre of London cool located in the most trendy place on London map – Hackney. Each weekend it attracts thousands of hipsters and art lovers – the atmosphere is buzzing. The crowd eagerly descends upon famous street food stalls, vintage and artisan shops.

Ula Wiznerowicz, Behind the Curtain,
copyright©ula wiznerowicz

Wrong Door Project inhabitet a previously vacant space at the very heart of the market. It managed to create an art hub for upcoming artists – most of which have their studios nearby.
The exhibition Somnambulat Eve brought together international emerging artists working in various media: photography, prints, drawings, sculpture and video. The title of the exhibition Somnambulant Eve refers to mysterious situations, unexpected affinities, events that you cannot explain entirely. Selected artists, among them Poles mentioned above, used images that seem to be familiar, but this is only to shift the borders of reality gently and subtly, as sometimes happens in dreams.

Group of experimental musicians – Inventive Ensemble – performing during the opening of Somnambulant Eve show. In the background artwork of ©Christina Mitrentse at Pop Up Project Wrong Door, Broadway Market, London 2012

Chlebek, Czycz, Wiznerowicz and Dmyterko received a very warm welcome from the demanding and art savvy crowd. Subtle, small-scale works by Chlebek and Czycz were praised for interesting ideas and associations in black and white. Wiznarowicz’s photos showed magical tales through ordinary objects and familiar spaces – much appreciated by the visitors.

The event featured for one evening the Inventive Ensemble – a group of experimental musicians performing on violin, guitar, cello and percussion/melodica. They created improvised pieces working through several different creative processes which added to the mystique of exhibited works.
Given the very positive reception of Polish artists, surely, this is not the last time there is a chance to see them in London.

Participating Artists:
Christina Mitrentse, Monika Chlebek, Matt Gee, Alberto Lezaca, Nina Joanna Dmyterko, Katrina Kotcheff, Ula Wiznerowicz, Abbi Torrance, Dawid Czycz.

Wrong Door was a temporary Pop Up Project opened on weekends during November and December 2012 at the heart of busy Broadway Market. The project focused on showcasing international contemporary visual artists.

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